• Do you have a loveless love life? Did your great intentions from years ago get re-routed or become lackadaisical? Are you tired of being roommates with no passion, strangers who don't want to bump in the night, or captives to loneliness even though you're not alone?  
  • You deserve the love of a lifetime: full of deep connection, flirty fun, ease, (and pleasure) in sexual intimacy in your marriage. Your heart is worthy of being pursued.

  • Limitless Intimacy is a Christian movement for healthy and Godly intimacy. We offer comprehensive love-growing tools and guidance so you can say, "yes!" to all God designed for beautiful intimacy in marriage. This is your opportunity to create true connection and love courageously, and be confident in expressing your affections, desires and needs.  

Find the coaching option that is right for you.

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1:1 couples coaching

'pillow talk' ~ $3000       'one true love' ~ $1200  

Understand how to have straight forward and satisfying communication about the desires and dreams you have for your intimacy in marriage.

couples workshops

'healthy intimacy blueprint' ~ TBD $

Learn why talking about sex is petrifying, how to make it easier and more natural, and what removing the blocks to intimacy will do for your marriage.

discovery workbooks

'why can't i talk to him/her about sex? ~ $10 each

Open up powerful dialogue about the behaviors in your relationship that create distance or connection. Create a personal message to express your commitment to 'us'. 

                                 Couples' Communication Kit

                                Couples' Communication Kit

 Enjoy my complimentary Gift to You!

Do you want to get close enough to your spouse to be fully intimate so you express your affection freely?  

couples' communication kit

Use these 25 questions to tap into deep connection. Great emotional intimacy leads to great sexual intimacy in marriage.