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Stop Getting Frustrated
with Communication that Doesn’t Work

Most couples struggle to create a sex life they both enjoy. They have internal ideas to express but get shut down by embarrassment and awkwardness.

Nothing concerns us more than seeing loving couples get stuck in blow-up and walk-away communication cycles. We believe a close marriage is a strong marriage.

One of the ways we make sure your sexual intimacy is close is by using the Real Talk for Real Love approach. As a Christian sex educator and relationship coach, Mary Whitman Ortiz helps you create authentic conversations so you feel heard, understood and loved.

Then, we translate these communication patterns into your private paradise of sexual interaction; a blissful enjoyment of released endorphins and euphoria.

Stop the blow-up and walk-away frustration. It’s time to get a communication approach that actually works.

The closest sexual intimacy equals the strongest marriage.

Because I know how pain from past hurt can harm your self-worth and prevent future relationships from growing.

I’ve been there.

God restored my brokenness and I’m passionate about showing others they can be healed, too.


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Apply communication tools to enhance your connection together.

“Mary provided a space where I felt loved valued and free to open my heart, without feeling judged. Mary is a beautiful women, full of godly wisdom and gifted at ministering the Father’s love to the broken places of a woman’s soul.”

Pam C – Assistant Pastor and Woman’s Ministry Leader

Freedom in Communication Creates Openness in Yourself and Closeness in Your Relationships. FROM CLIENTS


"Mary is an incredibly compassionate person that feels strongly about bringing relationships together with love. She offers a fresh outlook (based on Christian principles) to feel secure with yourself, and in turn, feel secure in your relationship. Mary can and will guide you in developing a healthy outlook on sexuality."


"When I finally decided to open up to get help, I encountered judgment and shaming. But then I found Mary! She is different from other counselors and has a passion to bring healing. She was able to help me develop a process to deal with trigger encounters while reminding me of who God says I am and a healthy perspective of sexual intimacy. Mary is my hero!”


Rate Your Intimacy Quiz

 Moving towards intimacy can be scary, embarrassing and overwhelming. Sometimes all you need is a good starting point. Take my quiz and discover your intimacy level. Based on your score you’ll get applicable tips on how to bring romance and connection back into your relationship. It’s short and sweet, I promise!

How Long Will You Be Comfortable in a Relational Rut?

It’s time to get out and regain control of your happiness. With the right coach and the right tools you can bring your relationship beyond your dreams.