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Relationship Coaching to Help You Overcome Roadblocks to Intimacy

Mary Whitman Ortiz, Certified Life Coach and Christian Sex Educator

Overcome roadblocks in communication

Reconnect with your spouse

Create a sex life you enjoy

You’re Only One Shift Away From a THRIVING Marriage.

True Intimacy In Marriage is an online course to help you get back to that fireside snuggle feeling and the connection your marriage needs to THRIVE!

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A lot of Christian couples struggle to talk about sex.

This can be because:

Wrong Beliefs About Sex Shouldn’t Keep Christian Couples from Intimacy and Fun

Coaching Services

Couples Coaching

Learn how to openly communicate your desires for connection and intimacy with your spouse.

Women's Coaching

Find your voice and heal your heart so you can be fully present in your relationship.


Apply communication tools to enhance your connection together.

Mary Whitman Ortiz

Mary Whitman Ortiz - Christian Sex educator

Most couples struggle to create a sex life they both enjoy. They have needs and requests to express but feel stuck not knowing how to start the conversation.

It’s also overwhelming to navigate what’s “OK” for Christians because of harsh images in the media and shame messages from the church.

Freedom and fun finally come when they understand God’s original design for intimacy in marriage.

As a certified Life Coach and Christian Sex Educator, Mary Whitman Ortiz helps you develop a communication style that makes your connection closer.

Then, you can talk about what you want in your sex life.

Freedom in communication creates openness in your relationships. From Clients

Here’s How We Can Work Together


Schedule a Free Consultation

We talk through where your intimacy in marriage is now, where you want it to be, and what it looks like to get you there


Get Unstuck

We put together a plan to enhance your sex life without the taboo or awkwardness.


Experience True Intimacy

We put into practice a lifestyle of connection that brings freedom and fun to your sexual intimacy.



Sometimes all you need is a good starting point. Take my quiz and discover your intimacy level. Based on your score you’ll get applicable tips on how to bring romance and connection back into your relationship. It’s short and sweet, I promise!