3 Reasons You Feel Empty in Your Relationships

What Brings Emptiness to Your Relationships?

Your life is at such a FAST pace and so full of BUSYNESS you don’t have time to CHECK-IN with you, much less your significant other.

You have created WALLS around issues that you couldn’t resolve and now it’s easier living with DISTANCE instead of working for connection.

Your dreams for oneness and BELONGING were dashed so long ago that you gave up HOPE and now you’re just going through the motions.

***Though this is a SAD and SCARY, let’s not STOP.***

It’s really because some fears in your life haven’t been recognized, released or replaced… yet. But it can be done.

Want to take step #1?

—Find a quiet place.

—Tell yourself it’s okay to ‘feel’ for just a few minutes.

—Relax and let some of the craziness, hurt or confusion surface.

–Capture those thoughts in a journal or your own specific way.

—Breathe in. Again. Even deeper. And let some of mess just flow out of you.

***There’s more we can do, but that’s a START.***

Your heart, your dreams and your life is truly WORTH the time and effort it takes to feel love. LOVE on you a bit today.

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