3 Secrets to Create the Freest and Most Meaningful Intimacy Your Marriage has Ever Known

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What if you had the ability to…

1.       Know 100% that you are valuable and worth being honored and cherished

2.       Get clear in your heart about how you want to be loved- so you can ASK for it

3.       Express yourself openly and vulnerably in your emotional and sexual intimacy

Would that change how you saw yourself AND did relationships?

I’ve developed an Absolutely Amazing and Powerful Package for the woman who wants more closeness and passion in her marriage so she can enjoy God’s design for love, sex, and intimacy!

Here’s what you’ll get-

Grace Heart Self-Care Practice PDF Complete guideline on how to validate your feelings and integrate your devotional, journal and prayer time, plus an action step and affirmation

Daily Temperature Reading PDF Step-by-step template to develop meaningful communication on a fact, opinion and feeling level that increases closeness

Blocks to Intimacy Questionnaire PDF In-depth questions to pinpoint exactly where your hesitations impact your relationship and lead to how you can bring about change

PLUS 3 Bonuses… 

Bonus #1             Healthy Sexuality Checklist

Bonus #2             Transition Tips to Crossover to Intimacy after a Hectic Day

Bonus #3             Healthy & Godly Sexuality Resource List (Christian books and websites)

This offer is available from Thursday, Nov 24 at 11:59 pm

until Monday, Nov 27 at 11:59 pm.

It’s more than 75% OFF!!! ONLY $47.00 USD.

That includes the 3 Secrets PLUS the 3 Bonuses! (ADD-ON a one-time private coaching session at the ridiculously LOW price of $52 and get the TOTAL package for $99. Must be scheduled for 2017. Yep, it’s still under $100.)

What if you don’t increase the meaningful intimacy in your marriage?

Take a moment. Set this post aside. What will happen if you don’t know you are worth being loved, don’t know how to ask for what you want, and don’t know what if feels like to be truly FREE to express yourself intimately?

Is that what you want? It’s up to you.

I pray it’s the right time for you to say… YES! To valuing yourself and creating the most meaningful intimacy your marriage has ever known.

Pay Here for 3 Secrets: https://www.paypal.me/marywhitmanortiz/47

Pay Here for ADD On Coaching:  https://paypal.me/marywhitmanortiz/52

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