3 Steps to Keep Your Passion Alive

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Let’s face it, ladies, after life gets super busy (kids, increased responsibility, building your business) your love life sometimes gets put on the back burner. Sure, you absolutely LOVE your hubs, but priorities shift.

So, do you want to keep your passion alive? Date your mate? Find the ‘on’ switch?

Ask yourself these three questions because your brain is the most important sex organ you have.

1.       How valuable is your marital intimacy to you?

Factor in what it does for you- spirit, soul, and body. Consider what message it sends to your guy. Think about the bond it builds for you as a couple and as a family. Remember, strong families make strong communities. Strong communities change the world. (Yes, I just said your mutually honoring sex life is good for America.)

2.       How do you create space for it?

Break this down into three components. Sure you need time for the actual expression of your love, but there’s more than that. You also need time to plan and cover the logistics like child care or alone time when older kids are not around. But the one area most women overlook is your personal transition time. This includes turning off your never-ending, mental to-do list and getting in touch with your feelings before you are intimate. (Yep, you’ve got to be aware of you first, so his touch is well-received.)

3.       How do you boost (treasure) your own sexuality?

The world conveys sexuality through cleavage and legs, tight clothing, and obnoxious flirting, but where does that leave a Christian woman? If you still want to be modest, how do you show your sensual side? What would more confidence do for your intimate expressions? What is at the root of gaining more self-acceptance and therefore, confidence?  (I know, it’s a bigger idea than we think about at first.)

The good news is whatever God calls us to He also equips us for. So, if wonderful passionate, connection and bonding is His idea then… it is doable. You may need to gain a few communication tips or to identify your blocks to intimacy, but there is a path to God-designed pleasure.   

If this speaks to your heart, I have just the thing for you to do.

Join me for a powerful questionnaire to “Identify Your Blocks to Intimacy” and a one-hour Relationship Coaching session. You will gain new understanding PLUS the tools to put passion into action.

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