“Ba-bing… Ba-bing…” my text alert sounded as I was walking my mighty Schnauzer pup, Niki. Sliding my cell phone out of my pocket and glancing at the screen, I instantly felt connected. It was my bestie, of over 30 years. Through three states, five kids, and multitudes of cozy- balcony, girl chats, we’ve been through a lot together. Not only is she sharp, witty, fun, focused and beautiful inside and out… I trust her, completely. There is no judgment; rather support and commitment. Well, better yet, there is the powerful double AA effect: Acceptance and Accountability. I don’t know where I’d be without her. I thank God for Laurie, daily.

“Hey girl, how are you?” I check in, by way of response. She asks for feedback, prayer or we exchange ideas. Her heart is for helping women also. It’s an amazing and formidable combination to collaborate with someone who is both like-minded in values and in life’s pursuit. We know our purpose. We are reaching for our destiny. The grasp of our dreams is a regular occurrence. Wow! It’s fulfilling and freeing at the same time. But it wasn’t always this way.

Years ago we were both bonafide members of the helpless and hopeless club. Circumstances of life were very tough, and swimming in a sea of confusion was our normal mode of operation. It’s like things kept going round and round and we were stuck. Relationships were murky waters. “They said, What?! How do I respond to that?” We felt left out, overlooked, unappreciated, and completely unable to change it. “Make it stop!! Won’t somebody please, make it stop!” often rose up in my cries, under my breath, when I felt absolutely alone.

Finally, one day, a larger-than-life crisis hit.

That thing that had been brewing for decades, that I had denied, walked around like the elephant in the room; it erupted. Ba-Boom! Right in front of me, life was as I knew it, was totally eradicated. A tsunami erased my existence. Family, friends, work, home, church and my lifestyle was altered forever. To say it was devastating is really important to mention, because it brought me to ground zero, or even lower than that. The blast cleared out everything familiar. I was left with a blank surface, rough and scattered with debris. It was suddenly up to me to decide what life was gonna look like, now.

So, what did I do? I called my bestie.

She listened, guided, prompted, loved and walked with me. It deepened our friendship, expanded our future, and created the potential for me to see a new life. I truly needed her objective perspective, her timing with what issues to address, and her ease and grace with letting me grow. Those first steps were awkward and unsure. There was a lot of second-guessing; trying to trust my gut again.

I had to learn to hear my heart; my thoughts, feelings, needs and dreams.

I was in the chrysalis stage for an indeterminate amount of time, no longer limited as an earth-bound caterpillar, but not quite ready to spread my butterfly wings. All the while my colors were developing, my strength increasing, and my life focus sharpening. I found the right environment in which to mature, nutrients necessary to thrive, and flight path that would satisfy and eventually contribute to others.

My life truly became my own masterpiece to create.

My friend, my sister by choice, provided for me a safe place so I could rebuild my identity and redefine my focus. Through my season of transition I needed an outside, experienced voice who could meet with me, right where I was, but at the same time call out the best in me and help me find my direction.

This is exactly what I do for women today, through Life Coaching. My personal journey got me in touch with the work I am passionate about; the practice of helping women see themselves with eyes of love. I went back to school to get my masters’ degree. I learned how to support social and emotional development. I participated in clinical studies. I researched techniques for self-awareness. I wrote and published professional papers. I presented at local, state and national conferences on Bibliotherapy and other ways of promoting personal and relational growth. I trained with a licensed psychologist and was certified as a professional Life Coach.

My mission is to help women know their worth and find their power, so they can create lifestyles of freedom and purpose.

Do you know a woman in need of my services? If she is ready for a life of MORE peace, MORE fulfillment, MORE confidence, and MORE freedom to finally be herself, then I am ready to walk with her. Together we can create a plan of action for her to love herself.

Through True You Living, LLC women understand how to:

  1. Hear your voice
  2. Release the lies
  3. Reclaim your honor
  4. Embrace your destiny
  5. Impart your gifts

As far as my bestie, well, she continues to be a support, collaborator and one of my favorite people, ever!