5 Reasons Communication Blows Up in Your Face

Selfies, it seems, are the universal language, regardless of age or location.

This became very real to me on my latest mission trip to Jamaica. Here I am with Ojay. He really wanted to take charge of my cell phone. I met him last year and have been corresponding with his mother all year long, sending gift packages several times.

But even so, there are barriers to our communication, mostly because of culture. But what about communication issues even in a shared culture? This made me ponder…

What causes communication to blow up?

  1. Wrong timing
  2. Selfish motivation
  3. Unclear expectations
  4. Overlooked feelings
  5. Unresolved offense

Let’s think about this.

—Can you wait to speak your mind until a mutually desirable time?

—Do you want the best for all involved or just for yourself?

—What’s your goal for making your point?

—Are you calm enough to have this talk?

—Is a previous issue interfering with your current concern?

The old adage of Think before SPEAK is simple yet powerful.

What barrier arises most in your communication blow-ups?

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