When we see ourselves the way God does it changes how we see the world. 

Living from His overflow brings more love to you and your relationships.

God's love heals your heart and invites you to open the door to love.

Hi, I’m Mary Whitman Ortiz and I'm committed to helping you value yourself and create healthy emotional connections.  Though you may struggle with disconnect, distance, pain, or even shame from others, God is always there for you... caring, understanding, and full of love to heal your heart. I know. HE healed mine.

I wrestled with sexual intimacy and dysfunction issues for over three decades.

It started in childhood with inappopriate touching from neighborhood boys, that I never spoke of to anyone.  In dating I was drawn to attention from boys, but it made me feel more like an object than a treasured soul.

This perspective continued as I entered into marriage.

Though we were both Christians, we didn't have a solid foundation for mutual love. There were missing pieces in our relationship. Unknowingly, we did not share the same goals for intimacy.

Within months of our wedding I sensed I was not what he wanted sexually.

Our sexual intimacy, though physically successful, was not a mutual expression of love and commitment. It was a physiological act with a biological result. I began to hate who I had to be when I was with him sexually.     

 Unfortunately, as a Christian wife, my struggle was complicated by messages I perceived from the church. I was 'supposed' to submit to my husband, put him first, see my body as not my own, and please all of his requests. 

My whole being was compromised.

To me it felt that the inner Mary, heart full of ideas, thoughts, dreams and vulnerability, wasn't included or wanted, in our intimacy. It was only my body that was requested. Variations of this went on for years. 

Change finally came.

Through a series of events it was revealed that he was addicted to pornography.  

Though the revelation was shocking and embarrassing, understanding the why of his behavior began to help me. With a raw and wounded heart I sought the Lord daily. My dependence on Him deepened to a new place. 

God began to rebuild my identity in Him.

Through my divorce (after 26 years) I lost my family, home, friends, church, and pets. I had to start over, to completely reestablish who I was. I went back to school and got my masters' degree. I dated and tried to figure out love. Now, I am happily remarried in a healthy, passionate, godly and fun relationship. I’ve turned a painful past into a lifestyle filled with His abundant promises to help others find healing and mutual love. 

I have lived through your struggle and found healing, hope and happiness.  

What stands out about me as a Relationship Coach and Intimacy Advocate is my desire to connect with your heart’s pain, yet bring you powerful results. With godly discernment, personality expertise, and communication insight I encourage your intimacy healing, so you can value yourself and create healthy emotional connections.

My experience includes Leadership Development, Personality Inventory Assessment, Team Building and Teaching. I have a B.S. and M.A. in Education with an emphasis on social and emotional needs of the gifted.

My clinical research,  studies, and professional work in Bibliotherapy, Multiple Intelligences, and Creative Problem Solving, along with my Women’s Empowerment Advocacy, Prepare Enrich (R) Facilitator Training, and Inner Healing Prayer Ministry has grounded me for Relationship Coaching. I have worked with thousands of people via coaching, workshops, retreats, and church settings to bring relational freedom and intimacy.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoy jet skiing with my husband, Tim, and walks on the beach with Niki, my Miniature Schnauzer. We have four adult children. Together, we share a joy of oneness in Him that truly surpasses all of my dreams. 

I can show you how to release the sexual intimacy hurt from your past, value yourself right now, and create relationships filled with mutual love and freedom, because I’ve done it myself.