Are You Emotionally Available?

What does the bench say to you? “Ahhh… peace and quiet, reflection, deep contentment and appreciation” or “I’m lonely, by myself, hurting, sad, overlooked and left out”.

Emotionally Unavailable

If you’re in a disconnected relationship with an emotionally unavailable person, don’t lock away your dreams for closeness. Don’t create a substitute situation (or relationship) to redirect your heart. Don’t fill the void with rituals, activities or possessions.

These will never truly satisfy.

They keep you in a holding pattern that is stagnant; not full of life, and not growing. Please, earnestly I ask of you to please: Stop, and acknowledge your heart, your voice and your needs. Be aware of the hurt you are feeling. There could be sadness. There could be a depth of loss over unfulfilled dreams. There could be some thoughts you’ve never allowed yourself to face.

If you will let your pain be identified and felt, it releases the care of it. The sting softens. The truth frees you to feel and NOT be afraid of your feelings. This is a new place to love yourself and accept all of who you are.

You are free to have needs.

You are free to say, “It’s okay that I have needs.” At this moment of being honest with yourself, the door to your future and fulfillment gets unlocked!! There are so many possibilities for where to go for the wholeness, love, and safety to be yourself. And they are all choices for you to enjoy.

Listening to your heart is the first step to becoming the true you.

Become emotionally available to yourself first and change your destiny.

Things to ponder: What’s the difference between being alone and being lonely? What are the signs of not being available emotionally? What does it look like for you when you listen to your heart?

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