awaken the authentic you in your relationship 

private coaching for women


Are there things on your heart (relationship wise) that are totally not where you want them to be? Don’t go into panic mode! Even if you’ve never been able to really express yourself how you want to, (relationally or sexually) there’s so many ideas for making a difference.   

Help is on the way. Keep smiling.

In working with me, not only will you have a plan to give voice to your thoughts and feelings, you’ll know what to do every day to enjoy your emotions and relationships, so you feel fully alive.

In the “Awaken the Authentic You in Your Relationship” package you’ll have the flexibility to cover the exact relationship topics you want, today. God has a design for your hope, healing, and happiness. Let’s find it. Some of my clients have chosen these:

  • Do you wish communication wasn’t so much of a struggle and it was easier to connect?
  • Do you want to know what you really want, and how to ask for it with confidence?
  • Do you want to gain understanding and healing in your perspective of sexual intimacy?
  • Do you want to improve and enjoy the relational and sexual intimacy in your marriage?   

are you ready to finally have that heart-to-heart talk? 


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Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

Mary Whitman Ortiz, M.A. is a certified Life Coach and trained facilitator with Prepare-Enrich, Adventures in Marriage and Marriage Mentors. She’s worked with women recovering from sexual intimacy issues such as human trafficking, sexual abuse, abortion, spousal pornography addiction, and distorted cultural messages. For over 20 years she’s facilitated self-awareness and relationship development for corporate, church, and community groups. Mary draws from her diverse background to engage interaction and present impactful messages. She founded Limitless Intimacy, a movement to support a healthy and Godly view of love, sex, and intimacy. 

Her books, “Why Can’t I Talk to Him/Her about Sex?” inspire couples to create a true connection in their marriage. 


What is ‘awaken the authentic you in your relationshp’ coaching?

‘Awaken the Authentic You in Your Relationship” is a private Coaching Package designed to bring understanding and encouragement to women struggling with relationship issues (emotional and sexual intimacy). It’s for the woman who wants to be rid of blow ups, shut downs and never-ending cycles in communication that hinder connection. She is ready for new understanding, real hope, and the freedom to express herself in her relationships.

What I’m offering

  • Life Satisfaction Scorecard to jumpstart your focus
  • (3) 1-Hour Sessions online (within a 6- week period)
  • Healthy, Godly Intimacy Resource List
  • Access to Facebook Group, “Sex and Intimacy for the Christian Woman”
  • Bonus: Healthy, Godly Sexuality Checklist
  • Professional and Confidential Christian-based coaching 



Who will the ‘awaken the authentic you in your relationship’ coaching benefit?

The “Awaken the Authentic You in Your Relationship” was designed for the woman who wants empowering guidance to walk in clear communication and confidence regarding emotional and sexual intimacy. She wants God’s love to fill her heart completely, so she can love out of that abundant overflow. 

This includes:

  • Women who feel like they’ve struggled to put their thoughts, feelings and desires into words, and always end up disconnected in their relationships.
  • Women who are worried that their past sexual experiences will intefere with how they can express themselves in current and future relationships.  
  •  Women who are aching for more relational intimacy in their marriage, but they just don’t know how to make it happen.


‘awaken the authentic you in your relationship’ includes:

Guidance and Support to: 

  • Communicate what’s going on inside

  • Enhance your perspective on sexual intimacy

  • Grow the relational aspect of your marriage



‘awaken the authentic you in your relationship’ details:

  • Life Satisfaction Scorecard 
  • (3) 1-Hour Sessions online (within 6-weeks)
  • Healthy, Godly Intimacy Resource List
  • Access to Facebook Group, “Sex and Intimacy for the Christian Woman”
  • Bonus:  Healthy, Godly Sexuality Checklist

$450 (Payment Plan is available- $250 down, $200 payment, invoiced through PayPal.) 



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