‘Beautiful you transformation’

empowerment day

How to receive healing regarding godly sexual intimacy,

so You Can value yourself and create healthy emotional connections!

  • Do you wrestle with how you’ve expereinced sexual intimacy?
  • Have you known additional hurt through negative messages from the church?
  • Are you ready to redefine how you want to be FREE in your sexual expression?

Sexual trauma and and dysfunction rob you of a healthy self-identity. Being in a relationship or setting where belittling and degrading treatment is normal, shuts down your voice. You may have lost hope that a way out is possible for you! That a lifestyle of respect, true love and the freedom of being you… is even possible! But IT IS!!

When you release the backlog of negative messages and replace them with God’s truth about who you are, healing and empowerment are yours!   

Working one-on-one with a professional Relationship Coach (who has experienced similar struggles AND gotten victory), and knows the strategies and techniques to guide you to a place of wholeness, is the most effective way to bring the transformation you desire. Being FREE to be you attracts freedom in every area of your life. 

Are You Ready to Value Yourself and Create Godly, Healthy Emotional Connections?




Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

As a Certified Life Coach, my focus is facilitating women to embrace God’s design for love, sex and intimacy. This covers the whole range from dating, to married, to struggling with sexual wounds.  My mission is to support women as they create soul-satisfying relationships filled with authenticity, deep connection, and intimate playfulness. This begins when women see their identity through their heavenly Father’s eyes, with 100%, loving acceptance.  I combine my Master’s Degree clinical research and studies in Multiple Intelligences and Creative Problem Solving with my international presentations in Bibliotherapy, Women’s Empowerment, and Recovery from Sexual Trauma and Sexual Dysfunction to design highly effective, personalized coaching programs.  I also offer Inner Healing Prayer Ministry to invite Jesus into your journey to wholeness and freedom.


Why did i create “beautiful you” empowerment day”?

I desire to help women become the free and fulfilled daughter God made them to be. When you know and love yourself, you are comfortable letting other people do the same. This interaction creates mutually satisfying relationships.  My personal story includes partnering with God to understand and rebuild my entire identity (during divorce recovery from a 26-year marriage), to knowing now that I am worthy to be loved completely.

What I’m offering

  • 1 Pre-Call to Hear Your Story & Create a Plan for Your Empowerment Day 
  • 1 Empowerment Day to Bring Healing and Transformation (6 hours at a relaxing beachside setting in Jacksonville, FL with Gourmet Lunch, or (2) 3-Hour Virtual Sessions) 
  • Unlimited E-Mail Access
  • (3) 1-Hour Coaching Calls (follow-up for 3 months) to offer personalized support so you can put your new understanding into action



Who will this all day coaching benefit?

“Beautiful You Empowerment Day” was designed for the Christian woman who is wrestling with sexual intimacy and wants healing and transformation, so she can value herself more and create godly, healthy emotional connections.

This includes:

  •  Women who feel like they are NEVER really heard, and no one is there to walk with them in this very personal journey
  • Women who are DONE with ‘putting others first’ (and other church messages that are conflicting) to the point of not taking care of themselves   
  • Women who are ready to move BEYOND the sexual hurt and devastation in their past, and finally be FREE as the woman God made her to be


Mary’s program is such a powerful tool to start women on a path to healing and bring freedom. Because of her courage to share her story, and leave the perpetual state of being ‘stuck’, I am moved to ‘feel’ again.
— Lauren | Church Ministry Coordinator
Mary knows what she’s talking about! Without her supportive insight and real-life tips, I don’t know where I’d be. She brought me through to a place of victory and happiness.
— Jessica | Small Business Owner
The blessing I felt working with Mary is wonderful! It brought freedom and hope to my heart. I’m so glad she is courageous enough to tackle such a touchy issue.
— Stephanie | Women’s Relationship Author

empowerment day includes:

Step-by-step Guidance and Support to: 

  • Grow your self-awareness
  • Establish your identity in Christ
  • Release the negative messages
  • Replace them with God’s truth
  • Create Godly self-care lifestyle 
  • Activate dreams for purpose and passion



empowerment day details

By appointment only! 

  • 1 Pre-Call, (1) 5-Hour ALL Day (in Person) Session or (2) 3-Hour (Virtual) Sessions, (3) 1-Hour Coaching Calls & Unlimited Email Access 
  • $1500.00 TOTAL ($1400.00 CASH Discount)
  • Payment Options- $750 down payment and 2 installments @ $375.00

YES!! I want to sign up for “beautiful You transformation:   empowerment day!” 

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