Blocks to Sexual Intimacy in Christian Marriage

video 1 christian sex educator standing.png

You’re happily married and you love your spouse, but sex seems like a battle. Talking about sexual intimacy felt almost taboo in your church circles so now it’s awkward to bring it up. Even though you are a Christian and believe God made sexual intimacy in marriage a ‘good’ thing, you have a block.

On my latest YouTube video, I expose 4 mindsets that block Christian sexual intimacy in marriage. I should know. I experienced them all.

That’s why I became a Christian sex educator and relationship coach.

Catch it here!

Learn tips to understand sex, create easy dialogue with your spouse, and get the marriage (and sex life) you wanted when you said: I Do, by subscribing for Friday videos.   

Enjoy watching Mary Whitman Ortiz – Christian Sex Education’s BOLD voice for freedom, pleasure and oneness. Say, “NO!” to the taboo and “YES!” to the gift!

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