dear Church and Christian Leaders,

Serving God’s people, in the ministry and through community organizations, is always full of surprises. It’s a blessing to be there for others, but sometimes it’s just more than you’re equipped to handle. This is especially true in the delicate area of helping women recover from sexual trauma and dysfunction. 

Have you felt your heart tugged by her isolation, pain and confusion, yet…

  • You weren’t sure how to counsel her? 
  • You know that support requires time and commitment outside of your scope? 
  • It’s just far too personal a topic for you to address?


Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

As a Certified Life Coach, my focus is facilitating women to embrace God’s design for love, sex and intimacy. This covers the whole range from dating, to married, to struggling with sexual wounds.  My mission is to support women as they create soul-satisfying relationships filled with authenticity, deep connection, and intimate playfulness. This begins when women see their identity through the Father’s 100%, loving acceptance.  I combine my Master’s Degree clinical research and studies in Multiple Intelligences and Creative Problem Solving with my international presentations in Bibliotherapy, Women’s Empowerment, and Recovery from Sexual Trauma and Sexual Dysfunction to design highly effective, personalized coaching programs.  I also offer Inner Healing Prayer Ministry to invite Jesus into journey to wholeness and freedom.


Why start a service like this?

I desire to help women because it’s an excruciating journey to walk alone, or with well-intended, yet uninformed counsel, or even worse than that, with shaming messages that create more distance from God. My personal story includes recovery from a 26-year marriage to a porn addict, rebuilding my life with God's love, and victory in a mutually honoring and God-glorifying union with my husband, today.   

What I’m offering

  • Leadership Training and Speaking to Women's Ministry groups
  • Transformative coaching for a woman to see herself with God’s eyes of love, celebrating her identity in Him 
  • Communication expertise to value her thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Powerful realignment to free her from the lies and restore God's innocence and beauty within her


Who will these services benefit?

My services are designed for Christian women who want to partner with God to bring healing to their hearts, and may have extra issues to overcome because of their church-influenced mindset. 

This includes:

  • Christian couples who married as virgins and struggle with freely expressing themselves, because they said “No!” to their sexuality for so long, that it’s hard to say, “Yes!”
  • Christian wives who feel they cannot say “No!” to their husbands, even to questionable requests, because the authority in the church feels more like control than a covering.
  • Christian women who have had their identity significantly compromised by sexual wounds and they have felt further debased by not ‘having enough faith’, or by being shunned for connection to sexual issues. 

Mary’s coaching is such a powerful tool to start women on a path to healing and bring freedom. Because of her courage to share her story, and leave the perpetual state of being ‘stuck’, I am moved to ‘feel’ again.
— Lisa | Prayer Ministry Coordinator
Mary knows what she’s talking about! Without her supportive insight and real-life tips, I don’t know where I’d be. She brought me through to a place of victory and happiness.
— Jennifer | Small Business Owner
The blessing I felt working with Mary is wonderful! It brought freedom and hope to my heart. I’m so glad she is courageous enough to tackle such a touchy issue.
— Stephanie | Women’s Relationship Author


services include:

  • Speaking to leadership training and women's ministry groups
  • One to One Coaching, in person or on-line
  • Small group empowerment and support
  • Modules packed with activities and resources to assist her growth, healing and understanding
  • Email, text, and phone support
  • Social Media connection through private Facebook groups


Contact Mary today

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