women’s coaching: confident you

Learning to value yourself shapes who you are as a woman and how you interact in your relationships. You set the tone for the level of respect you attract. By processing the intimacy issues and understanding your God-given identity, you will bring more clarity and freedom to how you express yourself with others on every level.  

Confident You offers: 

  • 8-Weeks of support and activities
  • 6 Private Coaching Sessions (in person or online)
  • Relationship Confidence Workbook
  • Unlimited Email access, Social Media community

Step-by-Step Guidance and Support included in Confident You:

  • Choose to validate and value your thoughts, feelings and needs 
  • Seek healing and release limiting messages (from others, the church) 
  • Grow personal communication and boundary setting skills
  • Give yourself permission to appreciate and enjoy pleasure

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