Disappearing Act

Photo Rafael Fabricio

Photo Rafael Fabricio

It happened when you weren’t aware.  The craziness of life snuck up on you, and “poof!”, you disappeared. Some incident or major interruption robbed you of your heart and soul, and now… life as you knew it is… gone! You feel like you’re vacant from your own world. The thoughts of your daily existence hound you.   You’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to change it. You want out. You want normal. You want the madness to stop. But you don’t know how to get to that place.

“How can I get my life back?”, you plea. “I want to be me. I want to hope.  I want to really live again… with meaning and dignity. Is. That. Possible?”

Yes, dear friend, that is possible!! Actually, it is truer today than ever before in your life AND it is closer than you could have imagined!! The very fact that you are searching is a sign that you know something else exists for you. Really.  It’s a sign that there is a core of strength in your inner self ready to lift you up and out. Even though there may be baggage, doubts and fear, a part of you is absolutely committed to seeing yourself on your journey to wholeness and fullness. Being ‘on your merry way’ is truly a part of your tomorrow.

  • Tired of feeling alone, afraid, and unable to see your path? As a seasoned coach, mentor, and voice of confidence, I can provide you the compassion, wisdom, and sound guidance you need, to face your situation, and emerge with clarity and strength.
  • Discouraged by struggling with confusion, shame or a sense of failure? With sensitive yet consistent feedback, I can support you to discover choices, develop skills, and explore resources so you gain direction, a healthy self-image and release from lies that compromise your identity.
  • Frustrated from loss of purpose, hope, and motivation to go forward? By assessing your core values and personality strengths, I can equip you with tools to dust off your dreams, believe in yourself, and create a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment, so you can shine in your divine design.

This speed bump in your life does not need to derail you long term. It doesn’t have to rob you of peace or passion for life. You can use this season to re-harness your unique gifts and re-focus your life’s goals. This is your hour. This is your moment. For such a time as this you were called to walk out of the darkness and into the light. The future is yours. The treasure is within you. Let’s go hunting together.

I love hosting private VIP Intensives to jump-start the transformational work I do with my clients, because it’s months’ worth of coaching in a single condensed day.  I focus 100% attention on helping you discover your divine design of unique strengths and core values, plus map out your immediate next steps to double the impact and influence of your personal growth and leadership skills.  

2015 is fast approaching and it’s destined to be a year of inspiration revealed, addition, and rest. So, now is the perfect time for this deep-level work to prepare you for what’s ahead. Align your personal growth with your leadership success, and with the support of a masterful coach and proven mentor to lead you there.

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