Do You See Your New Season?

I am a Summer baby, both by birth and by heart. I love, love, love the water, sunshine and casual atmosphere of the warmer months. I don’t like to let go of it, even towards the end when the heat has been tough, and for this year…when the rain has been way more than enough. Yes, the thought of boots, pumpkin flavor and upcoming holidays appeals to me, but… I just relish every moment of summer.

But then, it finally happens…

…a cool breeze comes and I get to open up my windows.. and enjoy the freshness of a new season. Wow! How did I forget that this beauty and peacefulness has such a draw to it, also? 

It’s like the very thing I was fighting against has now become my pleasure and my joy.

Hmmm…does this ring true in other areas of our lives? Do we hold on to what we know a little too tightly, thereby short changing the wonderfulness just on the other side?

I’m here to say, enjoy and appreciate right where you are…each season, each moment, each old-yet new view on life. Wow, just wow!

The blessings we see and love, open us to the blessings yet to be.

Gratitude loosens our heart to see more, want more, and create more. The kind of “more” that blesses us, sure, but more importantly, brings that “more” into the lives of others. It is the “more” that changes the world, one blessing at a time.

Find something about your day to LOVE!

Dance in it, in your heart, in your actions and all over those in your sphere of connection.

Woot woot! This. Is. Your. Day.

Tell me… what are you loving, right NOW?

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