Do You Think It’s a Myth?

What if it was more than a MYTH, ladies?

That feeling of complete acceptance, deep connection, and the THRILL of being KNOWN and LOVED… well, I’m here to tell you, it really does EXIST.

It only took me 27 “FIRST DATES” (haha), but I finally found MR. RIGHT.


As a divorced Christian woman considering remarriage, dating was not only scary, I was just clueless. It had been a very LONG time.

My questions were, “How do you flirt? How do you have good boundaries?” Frankly, I didn’t know a boundary until I felt that ickiness after it’d been crossed.

And, “How do you pick the RIGHT guy?” I was like a puppy just responding to a kind pat on the head, having NO idea if I was going to be scooped up for resale or taken to my forever home. I had a lot to learn! But I did it!

Now I’m putting together a program for other divorced Christian women considering remarriage, and I need your help.

If you are trying to navigate the dating scene (and its almost embarrassing), or you think your “man picker” might be broken (yes, I really had a counselor use that phrase), or most of all, if you’re just not sure about trusting your own gut (nobody else had valued my voice, so I had to learn that, too), I would so LOVE to talk to you.

Your stories will help me identify the biggest fears women face… and I’m sure we have some doozies to share!

In EXCHANGE for your precious time and thoughts I’d be so pleased to share with you my 4 greatest tips for Releasing Your Stress and Reclaiming Your Energy. They are simple, yet profound, and doable just about anywhere.

We can arrange our brief interview (20 minutes) via SKYPE or another platform. If you comment below or PM me I’ll send you the link through Calendly.

Remember ladies, God KNOWS the desires of your heart and He has WONDERFUL plans for you. May the relationship of your dreams be sent to you, gift-wrapped in a manly package of honor, passion and fun!

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