‘Grace and hope: talks about intimacy’ 

Godly & healthy encouragement

private coaching for women


Where are you struggling with intimacy? Could it be…

  • There are issues that make you uncomfortable and you’re not sure what’s Godly
  • Doubts flood your thoughts, but it hurts too much to open up  
  • There’s such a fear and you need a non-judgmental sounding board
  • You can’t reconcile what you’re feeling with how you thought it would be


How do I know about those possiblities? That was my life.

  • I was formerly married to a man addicted to pornography
  • The church leaders offered very little help, so I felt isolated and shamed.
  • My whole sense of worth, dignity, and identity were completely compromised.
  • God brought me healing and I am on the other side, ready to support you.

are you ready to finally have that heart-to-heart talk? 



Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

Mary Whitman Ortiz, MA, CLC is a certified Life Coach and Prepare-Enrich facilitator. She has additional Relationship training in Adventures in Marriage and Marriage Mentors, with countless hours helping couples restore their communication, connection and commitment. In addition, her work includes helping women recover from distorted messages about sex and the hurt caused by abuse, pornography addiction, and abortion. Inner Healing Prayer Ministry can be incorporated as a vital link to restoration. Mary also draws from her Masters Degree emphasis on supporting emotional and social needs through Bibliotherapy, Multiple Intelligences, and Creative Problem Solving.

Her focus as a Relationship Coach, Intimacy Advocate, Speaker and Author has helped women and couples globally, in person and online.   


What is ‘grace and hope’ coaching?

‘Grace and Hope Coaching’ is a private Coaching Program designed to bring healing and encouragement to women wrestling with intimacy issues. It’s for the woman who wants to be rid of feeling shame, uncertainty, and hurt due to unhealthy, sexual intimacy patterns. She is ready for new understanding, real hope, and true change in her relationships.

What I’m offering

  • (4) 1.5-Hour Sessions,  Personalized Worksheets, Materials and Resources, and Unlimited Email Support during your program 
  • Professional and Confidential Christian-based support in a safe atmosphere to release your concerns, fears and disappointments, so you can rebuild with confidence and truth.



Who will the ‘grace and hope coaching’ benefit?

The “Grace and Hope Coaching” was designed for the woman who wants a safe space to talk about her concerns regarding sex, so she can restore her idea of Godly, healthy intimacy.

This includes:

  • Women who feel very alone as they’ve carried the WEIGHT of of their unhealthy intimacy issues, and it’s totally overwhelming.
  • Women who are DONE being in a never-ending cycle of frustration and hurt, that’s so intense they want to disconnect. 
  • Women who are ready to move BEYOND the belittling and shame in their past, that seems to plague them all the time.


‘grace and hope coaching’ includes:

Guidance and Support to: 

  • Release your negative feelings

  • Receive truth and inner healing

  • Create healthy patterns for intimacy



‘grace and hope’ details:

  • Private Coaching Program  
  • (4) 1.5-Hour Sessions
  • “Blocks to Healthy Intimacy” questionnaire
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Introductory Special: 50% OFF ($600 regular)
  • Special Price $300 
  • 5 spaces ONLY for month of May 


YES!! I want to register for “grace and hope coaching” 

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