Mastermind Groups

Empowered Living Series facilitates foundational skills for deepening your emotional IQ. Specific strategies are taught to enhance your self-care, self-awareness, communication and relationship skills. Meet with like-minded women and have a deep-thinking experience to build truth, freedom, and a bright future.

Group Signature Talk

Discover Your Divine Design highlights your individual strengths, particular viewpoint, and unique communication style. This interactive session incorporates a True You Living Personality Type Inventory. Participants focus on their specific gifts and see how that affects their everyday world and relationships.  This is a great presentation for organizations who want to improve their effectiveness individually and as a group.

Divorce Recovery and Women in Transition

Newly Just You  meets women where they are in restoring wholeness after “do-over” circumstances change their lives. You didn’t ask to be at this place. You don’t have to stay there. Divine design identity, confident self-talk and communication, and strong boundary construction bring clear definition to new lives. Self-love is foundational in this customized process. There are better tomorrows ready and waiting for you. You are not alone. Let me walk with you and help you find how strong you really are. This is a sanctuary for your peace and growth.

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