Happy and Healthy Sexually Webinar with Mary Whitman Ortiz

How to Keep Your Marriage
Happy and Healthy Sexually

See Intimacy Like God Does

Recognize the Cause of Unfulfillment

Get Healthy Sexual Goals

If you’re like most Christian couples, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed trying to work through your problems with sex?

  • It feels so awkward to talk about.

  • You don’t want to hurt your spouse’s feelings.

  •  You’re nervous about what they will think of your ideas.

  • You’ve kept silent so long there’s resentment.  

  • You wonder what’s ok for Christians, anyhow.

You need a plan to get on the same page sexually. 

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2. Get Healthy Sexual Goals

Use Handout to Guide Discussion

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3. Never Feel Unfulfilled Again

Be Willing to Explore

Mary Whitman Ortiz - Christian Sex educator



For over 20 years, I’ve been helping people grow the connection in their relationships. 

I know how hurt from unresolved issues can shut you down, make you feel hopeless, and second-guess if your voice matters. I’ve been there.   

I lived in sexual brokenness for years for not embracing my sexuality, church shame, and from my former husband’s addiction to pornography.

God restored me to wholeness. He can do it for you, too. As a certified Relationship Coach and Christian Sex Educator, I can show you how.

Overcome your roadblocks to communication. Connect with your spouse. Create a sex life you both enjoy.

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You Need a Plan to Create Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage

Do you have a lifestyle of proactive conversation that routinely turns into great sexual intimacy in your marriage?

If you don’t, you’re leaving a lot of fun and fulfilment up to chance. 

In the “Happy and Healthy Sexually” Webinar, you’ll learn activities to explore that brings you increased understanding, so you’re both on the same page sexually. 

What Do You Get with the “Happy and Healthy Sexually” Webinar?

  • FREE attendance to the 45-minute webinar

  • Presentation Notes

  • Couples’ Journal and Discussion Prompts

  • Acronym for F.U.N. to Remember the Goals

  • Scriptural References for Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

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