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holy! happy! hot! Marriage!

8-Week E-Course: Overcome Obstacles (even those Embedded in Church Culture) to Celebrate God’s True Design for Intimacy.

e-Course : 8 videos & curriculum  

it’s time to talk. it’s time to love.

 Christian couples have great anticpation for their lives together, married. They may have abstained from sex before marriage or chosen to value sexual integrity later in their relationship. While these are both great choices, just because you say, “I Do” doesn’t mean you are easily able to enter into mutually respectful and satisfying intimacy. You may carry around emotional baggage from past experiences or never feel really comfortable expressing yourself freely. It’s very common, but almost NEVER spoken. Fortunately, there’s a solution to the frustration and painful communication problems in marriage (yes, even sexual intimacy), and I cover it step-by-step in this E-Course.

  1. Learn how to discern between the dirty feeling of ‘sex gone craxy’ in the world and the freedom to explore what you both consider to be fun and pleasure-packed.

2. Learn how to feel comfortable in your own skin so being inhibited doesn’t limit you and you can talk about your desires.

3. Learn how (possibly well-intented) messages from the church may have distorted what’s expected in Christian marriage, that you can re-route to get understanding and NEVER feel shamed again.

4. Learn secrets to trust, truly feel loved and strong self-confidence to live from the overflow of God’s goodness and give to one another as you always wanted.

5. Learn to release the hurts from long ago (that you’ve never told anyone) and see yourself as the beloved child of God you really are, to bring new life to your marriage.

6. You get $50 OFF 1:1 coaching (1:1 coaching starts at $497) at any point during the E-Course or within 30-days of the completion.             

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Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

For over 15 years I’ve been helping women and couples to love themselves and their relationships again.

I know how pain from past relational interaction can damage your self-worth and prevent future growth in your marriage. I’ve been there.

God restored my brokenness and I’m passionate about showing others how HE can do it for them, too.

Don’t let your past steal your future. With the right coach and the right tools you can get the relationship you thought you’d have when you said “I Do”.

e-course includes:

  •  E-course with foundational truths about healthy, Godly intimacy and not just a trite rendition of what the church typically says.

  • 20-25 minute video on each topic

  • Indepth curriculum with reflective questions

  • Challenges and activities for transformation  

  • Bible verses and prayer to guide your journey

  • Resources to support growth & accountability        



how it works:

  • Pay $50 Launch Special through Paypal (75% OFF Regular Rate $150)

  • Start E-Course on Monday August 12, 2019

  • Watch the videos and answer the questions

  • Set aside both time and intention to complete

  • Ask for prayer support from a trusted source

  • Enjoy $50 OFF 1:1 coaching (1:1 coaching starts at $497) at any point during the E-course or within 30-days of the E-Course completion                                       




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