Many couples carry around emotional and physical baggage from past experiences preventing them from enjoying true intimacy. By getting help from the right coach, you can set your relationship on a restorative path toward, security, peace, fulfillment and happiness.


"Mary provided a space where I felt loved valued and free to open my heart, without feeling judged. Mary is a beautiful women, full of godly wisdom and gifted at ministering the Father's love to the broken places of a woman's soul."

Pam C - Assistant Pastor and Woman's Ministry Leader


Moving towards intimacy can be scary, embarrassing and overwhelming. Sometimes all you need is a good starting point. Take my quiz and discover your intimacy level. Based on your score you'll get applicable tips on how to bring romance and connection back into your relationship. It's short and sweet, I promise!


Don’t Let The Past Steal Your Future

You deserve to experience all the blessings of a healthy intimate relationship with your spouse

- sexually, spiritually and emotionally.

If past pain is preventing you from fully enjoying the marriage God designed for you, then it's time to get help.


Re-Discover Your True Value And Who God Intended You To Be

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Be Heard

Regain your confidence and enjoy the freedom of healthy expression.

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Be Understood

Reclaim your equality by speaking up and sharing your thoughts and emotions.

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Be Loved

Release yourself from past sexual shame and hurt.


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For over 15 years, I've been helping women to love themselves and their relationship again.

Because I know how pain from past relationships can harm your self-worth and prevent future relationships from growing.

I've been there.

God restored my brokenness and I'm passionate about showing other woman how HE can do it for them too.


"Mary is an incredibly compassionate person that feels strongly about bringing relationships together with God's word. She offers a fresh outlook with biblical advice on feeling secure with yourself, and in turn, feeling secure in your relationship. Mary can and will guide you in developing a healthy, godly outlook on sexuality."



"When I finally decided to open up to get help, I encountered judgment and shaming. But then I found Mary! She is different from other counselors and has a passion to bring healing. She was able to help me develop a process to deal with trigger encounters while reminding me of who God says I am and godly perspective of sexual intimacy. Mary is my hero!”



Here’s How We Can Work Together

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Schedule a Consult

We'll discover what your journey with me will look like.

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Pick Your Approach

Choose your coaching program: For Couples, For Women, or Discovery Workbooks.

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Experience true intimacy

Enjoy new found confidence and security to fully appreciate the relationship God desired for you.


Coaching resources

Couples Coaching

Learn how to openly communicate your desires for connection and intimacy with your spouse.

Women’s Coaching

Find your voice and heal your heart so you can be fully present in your relationship.

Oils & books

Use essential oils and communication tools to enhance your connection together.

When You Work With Me


+ You will always be in a safe place to share

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+ I will never share your information or story without permission

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+ Everything is 100% confidential

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+ You will never be judged or feel shamed

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+ You'll gain the tools to grow your relationship with healthy Godly intimacy

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How long will you be comfortable sitting in a relational rut?

It's time to get out and regain control of your happiness. With the right coach and the right tools,

you can get the relationship you thought you'd have when you said "I Do".