How Do You Navigate Conflict Resolution and Maintain Your Devotion to One Another?


My husband and I will focus on this question at a Marriage Workshop we lead this weekend.  What’s the answer… it’s not tips for how to deal with things in the heat of the moment, but how to prevent that heated moment from happening.

4 Steps to minimize conflict and keep doors open to meaningful connection

1. Practice gratitude.

This is an internal choice to be thankful and focus on your spouse as a good gift from your heavenly Father. It keeps your perspective aligned with the model of the Kingdom and is a faith position, so it engages Heaven in your relationship.

2. Offer praise.

We all respond well to compliments, affirmation, and personal encouragement. It may not be your natural disposition or love language to talk that way, but you can learn it. See the power in Proverbs 15:1. A soft answer turns away wrath.

3. Seek communication.

The little things count. Texts, even funny emogis can help you stay connected. Couple that with consistent, heartfelt dialogue and you’re more likely to be aware, in tune, and able to prevent a big blow up or a subtle point of division.  

4. Pursue dating and intimacy.

Intention changes everything! Choosing him, choosing ‘us,’ completely safeguards your relationship. You need time to make that happen. Through fun activities, deep sharing, and meaningful emotional and sexual intimacy your bond grows strong!

The effort you put into prevention is easier than the effort required for conflict resolution. Let growing be your goal and you’ll circumvent most of your potential issues.

Limitless Intimacy is God’s design for courageously loving so you create true connection.  

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