“How does he love me?” In all the ways I teach him how.

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Do you know what love feels like… to you?

 If you haven’t formulated that in your own thoughts there is no way you will know If he is doing that, so you won’t be able to respond well to him. You also won’t be able to encourage him to continue.  That is a lose-lose scenario, but you can do something about it.

Love is experienced when needs are met.

Do you know what your needs are? Have you given yourself ‘permission’ to need? There’s a way, time and place to ask, to express yourself in a nonjudgmental tone.  That’s how you’ll be heard the best. Love is not a default way of living, but it’s worth all the work it takes to make it come true.

Knowing your love language is a great place to start.

Each person has a natural way of giving and receiving love. That will give you a heads-up about what makes you feel special and cared for. Then you step out of your comfort zone to learn his language, too. Here’s a link to an online assessment. http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/

So,with the LOVE month upon us, you may want a bit more attention from your guy. Remember, It’s actually okay to teach him how to love you. It doesn’t make it any less valuable or personal. It starts with a goal of wanting more connection. When you know and love yourself you can invite others to do the same.

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