Hurricane irma Support: reclaim your peace

How to release your stress, reframe your perspective,

and reconnect in your relationship!

Did your life get turned upside down in the storm?

  • You’re overwhlemed by clean up and adjustments for everyday living 
  • You’re worried about people and places with so many changes ahead
  •  You’re unhappy because the storm aggitated existing strife in your relationship

Would you like to sense some relief and power over these new unknowns?

  • Find a safe way to own and face your feelings about your current reality
  • Commit to go forward proactively, with healthy empowering choices
  • Seize the opportunity to learn patterns for deep, emotional connection

Stop feeling overwhelmed and isolated! hurricane irma support is here!



Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

Mary Whitman Ortiz, MA, CLC is a certified Life Coach and a certified Prepare Enrich (R) facilitator. She has additional Relationship training in Adventures in Marriage and Marriage Mentors, with countless hours helping couples restore their communication, connection and commitment. Her work also includes recovery from Sexual Dysfunction and Abuse, and Inner Healing Prayer Ministry. This is in conjunction with her Masters Degree emphasis on supporting emotional and social needs through Bibliotherapy, Multiple Intelligences, and Creative Problem Solving.

Her focus as a Relationship Coach and Intimacy Advocate has helped couples globally, through coaching, speaking, retreats, and ministry.   


What is reclaim your peace?

Reclaim Your Peace is my coaching offer to support you during Hurricane Irma Recovery. We often toughen up to get through a crisis. Although that is required in the moment, to go forward energized and calm (and making smart decisions) we need to release negative and heavy emotions. 

What I’m offering

  • 1-Hour Coaching Sessions (for women and couples) in person, online or via phone 
  • Supportive atmosphere to release your concerns, fears and disappointments, so you can rebuild with confidence, personally and together.



Who will ‘reclaim your peace’ benefit?

“Reclaim Your Peace” was designed for women and couples are who are struggling with the upheaval of Hurricane Irma.

This includes:

  • People who feel like they have to carry the weight of EVERY decision regarding the clean-up of their lives, and it’s totally overwhelming.
  • Women who are DONE being strong and holding together every detail when they are so upset and want to disconnect. 
  • Couples who are ready to move BEYOND the fighting and hurt in their past, that seems to be stirred up again by the storm.


Mary’s support is such a powerful tool to start couples on a path to healing and bring freedom. Because of her courage to face hard times, and leave the perpetual state of being ‘stuck’, I am moved to ‘feel’ again.
— Lauren | Church Ministry Coordinator
Mary knows what she’s talking about! Without her supportive insight and real-life tips, I don’t know where we’d be. She brought us through to a place of depth and happiness.
— Jessica and Tim | Small Business Owners
The blessing we felt working with Mary is wonderful! It brought freedom and hope to our hearts. We’re so glad she knows how to really identify with messy relationship issues.
— Stephanie and Kevin | Author

‘reclaim your peace’ includes:

Guidance and Support to: 

  • Release your negative feelings

  • Make healthy decisions for your future

  • Create closeness in your relationship



‘reclaim your peace’ details:

  • 1-to-1 Private Coaching Session (1 Hr)
  • $60.00 (Throwback Price) per session for September and October 
  • Special Offer to “Confident You”,”Enrich and Enjoy ‘ and other subsequent programs if book during “Reclaim Your Peace” 

YES!! I want to sign up for “reclaim your peace!” 

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