I Matter, So You Matter

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It seems simple enough, right? A short phrase, repetitive words, and some catchy depth. But we all know this is no easy message. There is layer upon layer involved. Powerful secrets and truths are just under the surface. How can we begin to decipher it?

Do you own a mirror? (Or does it own you…hmmm?) The image that greets you has multiple effects. We may assess our make-up status, potential strawberry seed hide-and-seek, or under eye circles, signs of a late night. This serves us well for how we function in the world. But, what about how we function in our own thoughts and our internal evaluation? Do you matter? Do you have to look a certain way to have value and dignity? Is your worth determined by a cultural norm, a societal dictation, or a worldly estimation? If so, then I hope to change your mind. If not, then, read on. Let’s see how we match with the rest of my points.

You matter, because you were created. Your life has meaning because there is a far more comprehensive view in the big scheme of things. You matter, because you are loved. Period. Your very hairs were colored, numbered, and straightened or curled before you were even born. Your propensity for sunsets, roller coasters and crazy all day games of Monopoly were a part of your design before your fingers were ever formed. Your beautiful analytical mind, fear of birds, and simple pleasure in the smell of new shoes were woven in your very nature. You were masterfully made.

Although it takes a significant amount of grace to embrace this idea, it is feasible. Maybe the journey from where you currently reside (“low me ville”) to where you hope to go (“happier haven”) seems too expansive. Like, “yeah, I run myself down all the time. The voices in my head tear me up. I feel so stupid. Why can’t I ever get it together?” But, again I say, there is grace available to believe in yourself, to accept yourself, and ultimately, to love yourself. This grace comes from an ever flowing, never ending supply. Whenever you need to tap into it, drink deeply from it, or restore your soul by it, it’s there.

You were made in God’s image. He has plans for your good. His desires are only for your freedom and wholeness. He knows you and loves you still… always and forever. It’s from this powerful place that your unique self was fashioned. The very force that continues to propel the universe, make newborns cry, and sunlight sparkle on the water more dazzlingly than diamonds, is the love that gives you worth. You matter because you were created.

That same value was extended to others as well. They, too, are precious, full of promise, and in their inner self, a gem so priceless, they may stay undiscovered for a while. Their treasures need to be sought out, appreciated and celebrated. They have worth that stands ready to be honored.

So you see, that as you grow in knowing how amazing you are, you will take better care of yourself. You will be easier on yourself. You will give yourself extra support and kindness. Then, as you begin to live in that place of ease, seeing others with eyes of grace will become more natural. It will be a part of your renewed nature to respect yourself and choose that for those around you. This is when competition stops, when power struggles cease, and proving yourself lacks urgency. You will know that you know, “I matter…. so you matter”, and life will become a whole lot better because of it.

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