The 5 Step Plan to Ignite Your intimacy

  • Have you dreamed of being able to share your true feelings with ease?
  • Do you wish you had a community or partnership you really trust?
  • Would you be thrilled if your passionate love was at a deeper place of satisfaction?

Your inner desires for emotional connection are all apart of God’s design for your life. HE made you in His image as a relational being. To know closeness, acceptance, and true love is how HE wants you to experience life. This place of bonding and oneness is waiting for you.

Are you ready to be known and loved?




Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

As a Certified Life Coach, my focus is facilitating women to embrace God’s design for love, sex and intimacy. This covers the whole range from dating, to married, to struggling with sexual wounds.  My mission is to support women as they create soul-satisfying relationships filled with authenticity, deep connection, and intimate playfulness. This begins when women see their identity through their heavenly Father’s eyes, with 100%, loving acceptance.  I combine my Master’s Degree clinical research and studies in Multiple Intelligences and Creative Problem Solving with my international presentations in Bibliotherapy, Women’s Empowerment, and Recovery from Sexual Trauma and Sexual Dysfunction to design highly effective, personalized coaching programs.  I also offer Inner Healing Prayer Ministry to invite Jesus into your journey to wholeness and freedom.


Why did i create “ignite your intimacy”?

I desire to help women know FREEDOM in their relationships. When we really come ALIVE we are comfortable giving and receiving on a deeper level.  My personal story includes partnering with God to rebuild my entire identity (after struggling with sexual dysfunction for 25 years), to know I am worthy to be loved completely.

What I’m offering

  • Transformative coaching for you to see yourself with God’s eyes of love, celebrating your identity in Him 
  • Communication expertise to value your thoughts, feelings and needs, AND be able to share in a way that is heard
  • Powerful realignment to fully embrace emotional connection that leads to satisfying sexual intimacy



Who will this program benefit?

“The 5 Step Plan to Ignite Your Intimacy” is designed for Christian women who want to partner with God to bring deep satisfaction to their relationships.

This includes:

  •  Women who are frustrated in dating because they know they keep picking the wrong guy to trust or they don’t know how to open up to the right guy
  • Women who are married, but the thrill of physical intimacy has dulled and they’re missing the oneness and bond they dreamed of with their husband
  • Women who are ready to get past the devastation of sexual dysfunction, and fully pursue Godly honor, love and pleasure


Mary’s coaching is such a powerful tool to start women on a path to healing and bring freedom. Because of her courage to share her story, and leave the perpetual state of being ‘stuck’, I am moved to ‘feel’ again.
— Lisa | Church Ministry Coordinator
Mary knows what she’s talking about! Without her supportive insight and real-life tips, I don’t know where I’d be. She brought me through to a place of victory and happiness.
— Jessica | Small Business Owner
The blessing I felt working with Mary is wonderful! It brought freedom and hope to my heart. I’m so glad she is courageous enough to tackle such a touchy issue.
— Stephanie | Women’s Relationship Author

Program includes:

  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions, on-line, via Zoom
  • 12 weeks of Modules, packed with activities and resources to assist your understanding, growth, and application
  • Email, text, phone, and prayer support
  • Social Media connection and community through private Facebook group



pilot program special offer

Group Sessions Only at 50% OFF to those who-

  • Pay in full ($300)
  • Agree to supply a testimonial

Group Sessions Plus 2 One-to-One Calls (60 min)

  • Pay in full ($400) or in 2 installments of ($200)
  • Agree to supply a testimonial

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