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take a stand, be a voice, and bring god's hope for sexual wholeness

It’s true, our modern culture perverts sex, but unfortuantely the church (traditionally) has been silent, misinformed and damaging with it’s own distorted message. Hasn’t there been enough hurt? Isn’t it time to represent God’s goodness and be a vessel of truth and love? 

Sexual intimacy is God’s gift to marriage. HE says it is good. That is the standard. Every other issue needs to be viewed in the light of His design.

Are you ready for a greater understanding of how to minister sexual wholeness? With the right tools and plan, you can bring hope, healing and freedom to those in your community.   

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For over 20 years, I’ve been helping groups and individuals to grow their understanding of God and relationships.

So much hurt happens when sexual wounds are left unattended. Low self-esteem and being unable to connect with others is the minimum of damage. Self-harm and abuse towards others is the greatest destruction. 

When churches and Christian organizations make it SAFE to openly talk about sex and sexual issues, healing begins. 

I can help you make and implement a plan (including training) because I know personally and professionally the pathway to sexual wholeness.     

Don’t let present blocks steal the future of those in your influence. Get the plan and training you need to bring wholeness to individuals, strength to families, and Godly empowerment to legacies. 

consultation and training INCLUDES:

  1.  Comprehensive Questionnaire– which helps determine the sexual issues and priorities of your community, assess present strategies, and create a plan for tiered training and support

  • Mary knows from working with thousands of people around the world, that there are many layers to every sexual healing and wholeness challenge.
  • As you work through these questions, you begin to have a better understanding of what goals you want to focus on with Mary.
  1. Consultation Session- 1-hour via zoom or phone to discuss questionnaire (or in person TBD)

  2. Follow-up email– with outline of action steps

    Each consultation session ends with a review of specific strategies.


  • Step 1: Make your online payment ($150.00 for online consultation, in person TBD)

  • Step 2: Complete your Sexual Wholeness Community Questionnaire

  • Step 3: Schedule your consultation

  • Step 4: Join Mary for your consultation

    During this initial consultation, Mary will get to know you, review your questionnaire and develop an understanding for your goals.

    Mary approaches each community group as an unique entity. There are no cookie cutter processes to the work she does with clients.

  • Step 5: Make plans for follow-up support, to walk you through the implementation and training. There is a timeline for your sexual wholeness ministry to develop.

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