Training Ministry Leaders to Help Their People Heal from Sexual Brokenness

A live two-day workshop taught by Mary Whitman Ortiz, Certified Life Coach and Christian Sex Educator

Sexual Brokenness is All Around

Sadly, sexual brokenness exists in every church, but often goes unaddressed. When it does show up publicly, it harms marriages, breaks families, and leaves ministry leaders feeling at a loss about what to do next. 

When issues that arise out of sexual brokenness show up in public ways – secret affairs, sexual sin, shattered marriages, etc., – it can leave pastors and ministry leaders feeling blindsided. On top of that, many ministry leaders feel uncomfortable in talking to couples about sexual intimacy or believe it should fall to a specialist or therapist to talk about sexual issues.

Healthy Marriages & Healthy Families are Critical to the Church. They both begin with healing in the areas of sexual intimacy.

In This Training You'll Learn:

  • How to Identify Early Signs of Sexual Brokenness
  • How to Confidently Have Conversations About Sexual Healing with the People in Your Care
  • The History of Sexuality 
  •  What God’s Plan for Healthy Sex in Marriage Looks Like 
  • How to Cast a Vision for Sexual Wholeness in a Broken World
During this two-day training and workshop, your team will learn new ways to think about and talk about sexual healing in a way that honors God and creates safety for others. 


I understand how shocking that feeling of being blindsided can be. As a survivor of sexual brokenness, I have seen first-hand the havoc it can have on a family.

After my own healing process and training, I have become passionate about helping and training others. As a certified life coach, marriage mentor, Christian sex educator, and masters’ level educator, I have spent the last seven years working with couples around the world in the faith community to help them understand healthy intimacy and heal from those wounds.

Through church workshops, retreats, breakout sessions, small groups, private coaching, television guest appearances, online platform interviews, and authored books and curriculum, I’ve shared God’s design for sexual intimacy in marriage. 

But I’ve seen the power and impact that a well-trained pastoral team can have. That’s why I put together this training course for church leaders. In this course, pastors and ministry leaders can break down the barriers to sexual intimacy and get the tools to help their church members in this vital area

How to Get Started

1. Schedule Your Training

After completing the schedule training form, I will reach out to you to learn more about your team, what specific needs you have, and to schedule your live training. 

2. Get Your Team Trained

During our two-day training, your team will become more confident in speaking about sexual healing in a way that ministers to the people in their care. 

3. Build Stronger Families

I am confident that when the church has strong marriages and strong families, it thrives. I have seen it time and time again and look forward to seeing it for you too.

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It can be hard for Christians to talk about sex and intimacy. But sex is one of the gifts God gives your marriage. In this ebook, you’ll learn about how sex is God’s G.I.F.T to marriage and what it means to think of it as a gift to you and your spouse. 

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