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emotional healing with essential oils

private inner healing session 

release the pain. embrace the freedom.

Carrying around negative self-talk eats away at your confidence and enjoyment in life. Sometimes it’s a nagging thought like “what are THEY thinking about me?” Sometimes it’s much deeper. You begin to question your worth. “Will I ever be good enough to…?” These are NOT harmless patterns to be blown off. No! They are KILLER thoughts!

Left unattended, they grow into a monster inside. The taunting self-doubt turns into beast-sized fear. “Does God even care about me?” It completely limits how you show up in life and express yourself in your relationships. It seems impossible to make it STOP!

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils guides you to where the hurt lives. Sometimes it started in childhood, maybe from a family member’s ignorance on how to make you feel secure and loved. Sometimes it’s through a trauma, that opened up a wound which never healed… even though you kept on going.

When you are able to recognize and release those hurts, you will be open to the TRUTH about how God does LOVE you, CARE for you, and WANT the best for you.

The essential oils both access the limbic system (through the sense of smell) and the organs (through touch points) where emotions are stored. This deep healing rewires what you hold onto, what you release, and what you replace in your cellular memory.

Are you ready to be free from the nagging self-doubt and the deep hurt that robs you of fully showing up… every single day? With the right guidance and the right support, you can become the ‘original’ you: fully FREE to love yourself and be loved by others.


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Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

For over 15 years I’ve been helping women to love themselves and their relationships again.

I know how pain from relational interaction can damage your self- worth and break down communication & connection. I’ve been there.

I dealt with the trauma and hurt from pornography issues, twisted messages embedded in church culture, and a victim mentality.

God restored my brokenness and I’m passionate about showing other women how HE can do it for them, too.

Don’t let your past steal your future. Get the healing, release and support you need to create beautiful connections in your relationships.

private session includes:

  •  Comprehensive Questionnaire– which helps both you and Mary unpack exactly what is going on. These questions ask you to reflect on what brought you this pain, what ways it’s affected your life, and what your hopes and goals are.

    Mary knows from working with hundreds of people around the world, that there are many layers to every emotional healing process.

  • One Young Living Essential Oil- to start your process and suggestions on additional oils that will benefit your healing session to support your transformation.

  • Healing Session- 90-minutes via zoom or in person (using the oils and prayer)

  • Follow-up email– will recap your healing journey, including the essential oils we used.

    Each emotional healing session ends with a review of specific Truths you are embracing and ways you can support the ‘original’ you. It is important for your transformation to know exactly what needs to be done.

steps for you to take:

  • Step 1: Schedule Your Healing Session

  • Step 2: Make your online payment ($150.00)

  • Step 3: Complete Healing Questionnaire

  • Step 4: Join Mary for your session

    During your healing session, Mary will get to know you, review your questionnaire and develop an understanding for where you are.

    Mary will create a safe space for you both to ask God for revelation on how HE wants to heal. Through His guidance, specific essential oils will be incorporated. This is a judgment-free zone wrapped in grace, love and freedom.

  • Step 5: Support your Truths daily

    Emotional Healing with Essential Oils brings the ‘original’ you to life. We celebrate this new place on your journey with intentional support. This includes personalized strategies for you to practice. (We will create this plan together.) Leaving the old thought patterns will be uncomfortable at first, but the new practices will strengthen and sustain your healing.                          




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