Private VIP All Day Intensive

Mary’s Intrapersonal Realignment System© gives you tools to readjust your mindset, reclaim your identity, and realize your dreams. This powerful program awakens the inner awareness of your worth, dignity and sense of self. Although the world starts reshaping our internal view as soon as we’re old enough to process cues and information, we don’t have to be stuck there. We can walk away from that perspective, which is almost always less than how our true self measures up. Through reconnecting with our core values and restructuring our thoughts, we return to a place of acceptance and see ourselves with eyes of love.

One-on-One Coaching

90 Days to Fix Your Man Picker helps the Christian Divorced Woman to be known and loved, so she can navigate the dating scene and create soul-satisfying relationships.

  • 12 Comprehensive Modules
  • 12 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Dare to Date Again Facebook Community

See yourself thru God’s love. Learn to listen to and value you!

Newly Just You provides support and skills for women in divorce recovery.

  • Season of Grace- 1 Month Comprehensive
  • Season to Ground- 3 Month Personal Growth
  • Season to Grow- 6 Month Empowered Living

Inner Healing Prayer Ministry

As Christians there are times an intensive partnership with the Holy Spirit can bring deep healing and wholeness. Through His guidance, wounds, lies, and strongholds can be addressed, lifted, and removed from our lives. It’s a freeing and fulfilling experience. These sessions bring Truth and light to every area.

On-line Coaching

On-line coaching keeps you focused, on track and supported, via Skype or other platforms. Scheduled appointments meet you where you are in your personal growth process. Allow for time and space away from distractions to make the most of this coaching setting. Together we can take you where you want to be.

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