Lover’s Special Arousal Pathway

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  1. Want to get on the same page as your spouse, sexually? You need a variety of approaches to excite the senses, straight-forward steps to engage desire, and a sexy-talk script to heighten pleasure and passion. 

This proven desire-igniter helps you cultivate arousal and deepen the connection* in your marriage. Listen to what others have said.

“I liked “the engaging in positive arousal” activities because I need communication to bring immediate closeness and cultivate arousal.  I agree that a wife’s desire grows through all of the steps and I have a need for words and physical touch.  I find my pleasure points change so it is challenging to keep it interesting and helps prevent us from being mechanical in our intimacy with each other.” -B.D.


“Mary’s advice on how to create desire in a woman has really helped me! I need to mentally say “yes” and shift my mind to the positive idea of what sex will do for us as a couple.  It’s not merely intercourse, but deep connection (body, mind, and spirit). Deeper, more intimate connection with one another has been taken to new levels in our sex life.” A.F.


“Sometimes the path to intimacy can seem more challenging or complex than it really needs to be. It’s more of following straightforward steps to show openness, listen, share, and offer love. This simplified guide offers a great synthesized set of steps that can be a quick reference and reminder. It’s nice that you don’t need to read a whole book or go back and review whole chapters to get these steps.” J.H.


The “Lover’s Special: Arousal Pathway Guide & Video: includes a downloadable guide on desire boosters and a ‘how to’ video with behind-the-scenes tips to apply the steps. 


Watch, read, talk, and enjoy with your spouse in the privacy of your own bedroom. 


*Sexual intimacy is a gift from God to marriage. As an overflow of genuine connection in all areas of your relationship, the oneness you experience helps you know true intimacy and makes your marriage strong. These steps are based on a Biblical foundation. 


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