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8-weeks to a 2.0 relationship – show up as the real you!

Happy! Healthy! Fun!

4 step program + coaching calls  

transformative skills for married & marriage-minded women

You know there’s got to be a better way to do relationships. Other couples seem to be happy. They post great pictures of fun moments, like they actually enjoy being together.

Why can’t you have that?!

So far, your relationship feels more like a “miss” than a “hit”.

~Small issues turn into BIG blow-ups.

~Your buttons get pushed and you feel blindsided by the situation (with no idea how to make it right)

~There’s no real depth to your connection

If only there was an “auto correct” option on Life and Love!!

What’s a girl to do, before she gives up hope on a meaningful love life altogether?  

You need: 8 Weeks to a 2.0 Relationship- Transformative Skills to Show Up as the Real You! (Designed for Married and Marriage-Minded Women)         

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The “8 Weeks to a 2.0 Relationship- Transformative Skills to Show Up as the Real You!” (for married and marriage-minded women) will bring you greater confidence to:

~Ask for what you really want in your relationship

~Feel freedom and ease when talking about sensitive topics

~Enjoy the closeness and meaningful love you’ve always dreamed of 

Live (and Love) Out Loud!!!!! 

~Don’t let past relationship fails keep you from your dream of deeply connecting and really being heard  

~You deserve to be known and loved and NOW you will have the tools to make it happen

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Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

For over 15 years I’ve been helping women and couples to love themselves and their relationships again.

I know how pain from past relational interaction can damage your self-worth and prevent future growth in your marriage. I’ve been there.

God restored my brokenness and I’m passionate about showing others how HE can do it for them, too.

Don’t let your past steal your future. With the right coach and the right tools you can get the relationship you want for happy “I Do” moments for a lifetime.

The “8 Weeks to a 2.0 Relationship-Transformative Skills to Show Up as the Real You!” (for married and marriage-minded women) is the Best of the BEST! These are my clients’ favorite and most effective tools! These are the ‘inside-out’ changes you’ve been wanting and waiting for (you just didn’t know it).

It represents decades of research, beautiful success stories of clients (globally), and entire legacies of happier and healthier relationships!

Ladies, your 2.0 model is ready for the world to stand up and notice. ALL eyes will be on the NEW ‘comfortable in your own skin’ YOU!

–          Wow your guy with appealing and attracting confidence

–          Take 100% charge of your empowered role in the relationship

–          Bring closeness, happiness and fun- to a better-than-ever-before place

package includes:

  •  4 comprehensive relationship development guides $300 value

  • 4 1-hr personalized relationship coaching calls $500 value

  • Unlimited email access (8 weeks) -especially if you hit a snag in-between sessions and you need IMMEDIATE clarification and redirection $125 value

  • Black Friday Special BONUS:

    `Love Sense Questionnaire (30 deep prompts about Intimacy & MORE!) $150 value

    `Couples’ Communication Kit $50 value

    `Awaken Your Self- Worth 3-Day Mini Program $125 value

    $1250 value ONLY $500 (paid in full, 10% reduced- only $450).

how it works:

  • Pay $450 through Paypal OR schedule call to set up Payment Plan for $500

  • Schedule 1st coaching call

  • Complete Relationship Development Guides, sent to you at 2-week intervals

  • Enjoy 8-weeks of transformational support

  • Enjoy unlimited email access

  • Enjoy BONUS materials




Just look at these Relationship Development Guides:

Step 1: Identity Intelligence Grid

Dive deep into emotional self-awareness! When you know and love yourself, you can be known and loved by others.  

Step 2: Identity Empowerment Strategy

Renew your self-value with this ‘turning point’ process. It captures your deepest truth to propel you to your strongest future.

Step 3: Healthy Relationship Spectrum

Find your ‘inner healthy’ through these measureable descriptions. Look at your past patterns and your present practices to recognize/create/maintain healthy habits.

Step 4: Assertive Communication Template

Give your voice the ‘interpersonal expression advantage’ you’ve always wanted. Say exactly what you feel, in a way that gets heard, with love.

enjoy life-changing, relationship-igniting, must-have skills! Your heart will thank you!


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