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private coaching for couples and women

 Many couples carry around emotional and physical baggage from past experiences, preventing them from enjoying true intimacy.

You want to find a way back to loving yourself again, free from the shame, guilt and lies from a painful past. But restoring your heart and resolving your pain seems impossible right now.

Not knowing where to turn for help can be discouraging and isolating. You know you want to move forward, but you don't know how. You should not have to deal with a painful past on your own.

You deserve to be confident in who you are and recognize your worth and value.

                You Can Be Heard. You Can Be Understood. You Can Be Loved.

By getting help from the right coach, you can set your relationship on a restorative path toward, security, peace, fulfillment and happiness.

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Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

I understand those feelings that prevent you from moving forward because I've been there. I know how a painful past can harm your self-worth and prevent future relationships from growing. But you can find freedom. God restored my brokenness, and HE can restore yours too. He can heal your heart just as He healed mine. For 15 years I've been helping women and couples find a restorative path that enables them to re-claim their true value and worth, and open doors to meaningful connection.

Making the decision to get help isn't easy, but you can move forward toward something so much greater than what you have right now. You can have happiness, confidence, assurance, trust, joy and love again. Don't let your past steal your future. With the right coach and the right tools you can get the relationship you thought you'd have when you said "I Do".


Couples’ Coaching

Learn how to openly communicate your desires for connection and intimacy with your spouse.

Blueprint for Healthy Intimacy” a 4-week program to build layers in your communication and process gradually with purpose

Pillow Talk” an intensive program (with 30-day support) for in-depth focus and speedy attention to issues NOW.

Women’s Coaching

Find your voice and heal your heart so you can be fully present in your relationship

“Relationship Confidence to be Authentically You” a 4-week program to build layers in your communication and process gradually with purpose

 “Healing Your Heart for True Intimacy” an intensive program (with 30-day support) for in-depth focus and speedy attention to issues NOW 



these are the areas of support covered for coaching in Godly, Healthy Intimacy

Self-Awareness, Identity in Christ, Self-Value, Empowered Lifestyle, Healing Sexual Wounds, Uncovering Blocks to Intimacy, Assertiveness, Communication Wish List, Daily Relationship Check-in, I Feel Statements, Empathy, Inner Healing Prayer Ministry, Releasing Lies, Conflict Prevention, Understanding versus Agreement, Mutual and Satisfying Intimacy, Forgiveness, Boundaries in Marriage, Beyond the Christian Taboo, Bonding-Pleasure-Procreation, Hot and Holy, Freedom from Sexual Addictions and Perversions, Healthy Intimacy Guidelines, Personalized Sex Talk Plan, and What Love Feels Like to Me!

Sessions are personalized to meet each client’s needs.


4-week programs include:

  •  Coaching that builds each layer and processes gradually with purpose

  • 4 1-hour sessions

  • Materials, activities, assignments and resources each week

  • Unlimited email access (for ASAP support in between sessions) 

  • $497 (Payment Plans are available)

  • Programs can be extended for subsequent 4 week sessions        



Intensive with 30-Day includes:

  • Coaching with in-depth focus and attention for speedy results

  • 1 30-minute pre call

  • 1 4 1/2-hour session (with break) activities and materials included

  • 2 30-minute post calls

  • $997 online (Payment Plans are available)

  • $1397 in person at luxury venue with meal, snacks and beverages in Jacksonville Beach, FL (Payment Plans are available. Travel and accommodations are on your own.)                                       




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