pre-order: Why can’t I talk to him/her about sex?

  • Is it awkward to talk to your spouse about the sexual intimacy in your marriage?
  • Do you sense some blocks or distance you wish you could put into words?
  • Are you looking for support to create healthy, Godly intimacy?


“Why can’t i talk to him/her about sex?” 

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“Why Can’t I Talk to Him about Sex?” is a short read with a big impact. The deep issues that need to be addressed are covered in a converational stype. Intimacy is a delicate topic for most women under the best circumstances, but if you’ve experienced any negative influences, abuse or dysfunction, there are additional layers to cover to get to the heart of the matter

For new understanding, real hope and true change choose the Discovery Workbook, “Why Can’t I Talk to Him about Sex?”.  

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“Why Can’t I Talk to Her about Sex? uses straight talk husbands value. Specific questions help you get directly to the point. What’s going on in your relationship now? Where do you want to be?  

“How to” activities walk you through the steps to make measureable progress in your communication.

For support to bridge the gap choose the Discovery workbook, “Why Can’t I Talk to Her about Sex?”

Price $9.99

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About the authors

Mary Whitman Ortiz

tim Ortiz  

As a Certified Life Coach, Mary’s focus is facilitating women to embrace God’s design for love, sex and intimacy. This covers the whole range from dating, to married, to recovering from sexual abuse and dysfunction.  Mary and Tim are certified facilitators with Prepare Enrich and trained Marriage Mentors. Their mission is to support couples as they create soul-satisfying relationships filled with authenticity, deep connection, and intimate playfulness. Through countless hours with couples (in person and online) they bring relationships to new levels of mutual respect and understanding. Together, they enjoy jet skiing, travel, entertaining and their Miniature Schnauzer. Their blended family consists of two married daughters and two 20 somethings pursuing education and career goals.  


Why did we write “why can’t i talk to him/her about sex?

We desire couples to know FREEDOM in their relationships. Sexual Intimacy is such a heated topic and often still taboo in church circles. But it’s where we live in our everyday life! To bring clarity and unity is to transform your marriage satisfaction! Our personal story includes rebuilding our lives individually and then together after unwanted divorces. It’s better to face the tough issues togetther!

What our books provide

  • Discovery Workbook completed as a short read
  • “Blocks to Intimacy” in depth questionnaire to pinpoint your needs 
  • Practical tips to rebuild your communication and increase your emotional and sexual intimacy



Who will these books benefit?

“Why Can’t I Talk to Him/Her about Sex” is designed for Christian couples who want to open up their dialogue and seek healthy, Godly intimacy.

This includes:

  •  Couples who feel like they are NEVER really heard, even though SO much is stirring inside of them that they want to share
  • Couples who are ‘Rock Stars’ at work, totaling calling the shots, but unble to feel that same CLARITY in their home life
  • Couples who are ready to get BEYOND the hurt in their past, and finally be free to express themselves fully in their intimacy


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