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I am so thankful for my amazing clients. These brilliant women (attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs, professors, teachers, trainers, executives, specialists, and leaders), though different in ages, nationalities, and beliefs, ALL have something in common. They all are dedicated to being a pioneer in their own life; to blaze their own trail. They want to create such an amazing path that others will benefit and follow. Their zeal for life, passion for dreams, and tenacious commitment to transformation is a renaissance in the making.

They are being the change they want to happen in this world.

And how do I connect, impart and support their journey? Why do they choose me for Life Coaching? There’s a good reason. I live in that same mindset. Blazing trails, freeing zeal, and activating transformation is my mission. 

I am a renaissance woman.

How does this beautiful process happen? What is the biggest secret component of the entire coaching experience? Well, this may surprise you. Although I am highly educated, it’s not my vast academic knowledge. And though I am seasoned, it’s not my tireless patience and boundless nurturing. Not even my expansive set of career roles, well-traveled world view, or personal, life-interrupted victories supercharge this process.

The secret is… I believe in them and I believe the answer is ALREADY inside of them.

They need the sacred space I create so they can hear their heart. Through discernment, engaging dialogue, and a call to action, the answer is discovered. It is powerful. It is personal. It is divine.

Life Coaching is Life Changing.

For every woman who knows there is more for her in this life, a coaching session has her name on it. Why wait and see if something just happens for you? Why let past entrapments or disappointments keep you hindered? Why let negative expectations push your dreams out of reach? If your best self is calling… ANSWER.

2016 is peeking around the corner. I see so many opportunities for advancement, alignment, and the appointed time for fulfillment. It’s your season to be geared up and ready for action.

The future is in your hands.

I am accepting applications now for women to work with me starting in January 2016. These sacred spaces are for motivated women who are serious about transformation and are currently seeking a proven mentor and masterful coach. My private 1:1 coaching is for women who are committed to being coachable, and willing to invest their time, energy, and resources in their personal growth and leadership development.

I have opened up 3 spaces on my calendar for Complimentary Renaissance Living Discovery Sessions for women who qualify. Apply here:

P.S. My True You Transformation Membership and on-line training starts in 2016. Secure your Discovery Session today for priority in this empowered decision.

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