The Sweet Scent of Peace

As I sit here all cozy on my couch, little Schnauzer curled up by my side and lap top poised for receiving great insights, I deeply drink in great waves of serenity. My soul had been in need of… peace, calm and quiet. My heart was crying out for TLC; the kind that only I could give. Though my busy pace of family events (visits, weddings and holiday plans) was truly fun and satisfying, I still needed to refuel. My tank of tranquility was low and only one thing could genuinely fill it up. Regardless of what you call it (meditation, reflection, or communion with God,) I was craving a place of stillness to settle my inner weariness. My self-affirmation quota was deficient and I know enough (now) to recognize this scenario requires attention ASAP.

So, what are the key components for creating your own place of refuge and a haven for your heart? I think I stumbled onto my formula by repeated, but not always successful attempts. I knew I felt “better” by the separate experiences of reading, praying and journaling, but it was in putting it all together that I unequivocally felt more like myself. When I sensed a release of the icky feelings, and then felt both refocused and a surge of energy, I knew I’d found the winning combination.  Each aspect is important to me: the quiet, the coziness, and the way I yield my cares and re-establish my thoughts. I call this “intrapersonal realignment”. It is one of the most important foundations of my research, writing, and private coaching.

Think with me for a moment about a beautiful flower. You might enjoy seeing it out your window while on a drive, smelling it as you pass by a florist stand, or appreciating its beauty in artwork. In any case it represents a freeze-frame moment in time, a snapshot of effortless ease. It captivates our interest and stimulates awe and appreciation. This is a message that soothes, revives and inspires. Peace is much the same. It can saturate our striving nature with contentment and hope. It ensures that tomorrows can be faced, embraced, and even raced.

Your journey to refueling is personal and uniquely yours. You might already be aware of how to take time for your soul, to listen to your own thoughts, feelings and dreams. Maybe it’s through a meandering nature walk, an exhilarating run, or through a high-energy, people-packed event. However you do it, just do it, for you… and for those you care about. It will make your world better.

Consider some of the following phrases of self-affirmation as delicate whiffs of a delightful flower, full of promise, hope, and sweet reminders of who you were divinely designed to be.

There is greatness for my life, already encoded in my DNA, ready for me to discover.

I choose to see myself with eyes of love.

My heart is a creation of beauty, precious and to be valued.

My dreams are the pathways to my tomorrows.

Valuing myself is a gift to myself.

My heart is a safe place to love my own voice.

I can find new ways every day to celebrate my life.

My thoughts and feelings are worthy to be heard.

I am brilliant, beautiful and bold.

There is freedom and fulfillment in my future.

My divine design is full of hope.

My best self will arise and turn tragedy into triumph.

I am loveable today, for who I am right now.

I am free to be myself. The world is in need of my brilliance.

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