Upgrade Your Sex Life Book Study introduction

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Starts Monday, Dec 2, 2019. Prepare for the BEST 2020 ever by diving deep into understanding yourself and your spouse in a whole new light.

This groundbreaking work deserves a groundbreaking platform.

I’ve decided to host a series of blog posts to capture such practical and fascinating information. The blogs can be accessed by anyone (male and female) whereas my facebook group (where the weekly videos will be hosted) can only be accessed by women.

Women, you are invited to join this group for the ENTIRE Book Study plus other great content. The Facebook group provides a sense of community, privacy, and respect. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntimacyMadeSimpleforChristianMarriage/

The first 5 chapters of Dr. Weiss’ book describes one of his unique topics- “Finding Your Unique Sexual Expression”. This information alone will revolutionize your ideas about sexual intimacy. But the book also includes tremendous practical tips (from his 25 years of counseling).

One other specific description gives measurable traits for understanding your sexual maturity. The idea is, no matter what your biological age is, you may not be functioning sexually as an adult. There are also levels for the sexual adolescent and the sexual child. Again, this in regard to how yow process in your sex life.

With all of his concepts, there are takeaways to make the change you want so you can… Upgrade Your Sex Life.

I can’t wait for you to join us.

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