pursue your greatest love: Valentines’ day special!

How to grow your connection,

so You feel valued and loved in your relationship!

Does this sound like your life?

  • More conversations turn into arguments and you don’t know how to do it differently

  • There’s distance that sometimes feels like you just co-exist in the same house

  • Sex doesn’t happen easily and when it does it’s less than what you want

Would you like to breathe some new life into your marriage?

  • Understand what’s going on inside, so you can put it into words that really get through

  • Ease down the walls and build bridges to strengthen your bond and affection

  • Grow intimacy in and out of the bedroom, that’s truly enjoyable and alive


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Hi, my name is Mary Whitman Ortiz.

I would love to help.  

Mary Whitman Ortiz is a certified Life Coach and trained facilitator with Prepare-Enrich, Adventures in Marriage and Marriage Mentors, with countless hours helping couples restore their communication, connection and commitment. She’s worked with women recovering from Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Abortion, Spousal Pornography Addiction, and Distorted Cultural Messages about Intimacy.  For over twenty years she’s facilitated self-awareness and relationship development for corporate, church, and community groups. Mary draws from her B.S. and M.A. in Gifted Education to create interactive, impactful and personalized presentations. She uses a faith-based approach.

Her books, “Why Can’t I Talk to Him/Her about Sex?” inspire couples to create a true connection in their marriage.  

Mary founded “Limitless Intimacy”, a Christian movement for healthy and Godly intimacy. She offers comprehensive love-growing tools and guidance so you can say, “yes!” to all God designed for beautiful intimacy in marriage. It is your opportunity to love courageously, and be confident in expressing your affections, desires and needs. 


What is Prepare enrich?

Prepare-Enrich is the #1 Premarital and Marriage assessment for over 35 years, affecting over 4 million relationships in over 100 countries, with over 50,000 communities and churches served. 

As the global standard, Prepare-Enrich reacts to the changing reality of relationships through on-going research. Using FACES (Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale) for its background structure, the validity and reliability has been substantiated by over 1200 published articles. 

What I’m offering

  • 1 Prepare-Enrich Inventory (completed separately, online)

  • 1 Relationship Coaching Session (1-hour in person or online) providing personalized feedback on your areas of growth and strength

  • 1 Complimentary Relationship Coaching Session (1-hour in person or online) as a follow-up

  • $75.00 Valentines’ Day Special Price (Regular Price $200.00)

  • Must Register by February 28th!



Who will ‘pursue your greatest love yet’ benefit?

“Pursue Your Greatest Love Yet” was designed for couples are who are struggling with their communication and feeling close, although they really want to be together in a healthy and supportive way.

This includes:

  • Couples who feel like they are NEVER really heard, and their partner is not taking their concerns seriously

  • Couples who are DONE with doing all the work in the relationship, to the point of losing themselves in the process

  • Couples who are ready to move BEYOND the hurt and complications in their past, and finally know love and trust


Mary’s program is such a powerful tool to start couples on a path to healing and bring freedom. Because of her courage to share her story, and leave the perpetual state of being ‘stuck’, I am moved to ‘feel’ again.
— Lauren | Church Ministry Coordinator
Mary knows what she’s talking about! Without her supportive insight and real-life tips, I don’t know where we’d be. She brought us through to a place of depth and happiness.
— Jessica and Tim | Small Business Owners
The blessing we felt working with Mary is wonderful! It brought freedom and hope to our hearts. We’re so glad she knows how to really identify with messy relationship issues.
— Stephanie and Kevin | Author

‘pursue your best love yet’ includes:

Step-by-step Guidance and Support to: 

  • Assess your relationship

  • Reduce your risk for divorce

  • Encourage discussion

  • Enhance your relationship skills



‘pursue your greatest love yet’ details:

  • 1 Prepare-Enrich Inventory

  • Inventory Feedback

  • 2 1-Hour Coaching Sessions

  • $75.00 Valentines’ Day Special (Regular $200.00)

  • Must be registered by February 28th.

YES!! I want to sign up for “pursue your best love yet!” 

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