Spend a Day with Mary Whitman

Receive Personal Coaching to revitalize your self-acceptance, reengage your life’s direction, and restore dignity and wholeness to your dreams.


A True You Treasures© VIP Day helps motivated women restore their whole identity, reclaim their value and worth, and reveal their gifts and talents for a brighter future. By using Mary Whitman’s Intrapersonal Realignment System© women reframe their thinking, renew their dreams, and redirect their path. The lies, limited views, and doubts of others are released, so the true image of their self is accepted, affirmed, and approved.

A private VIP All Day Intensive with Mary Whitman is for you if you are ready to:

  • Receive 100% personalized attention, support, and guidance
  • Experience deeper levels of knowledge and understanding of self
  • Strengthen communication and relationship skills
  • Gain clarity on your purpose, mission and dreams
  • Increase your confidence, self-worth, and sense of fulfillment
  • Enjoy the sanctuary of a day filled with peace, reflection and beauty

VIP Days are not considered counseling or therapy, but an educational process that effects change. They are however, very therapeutic. This experience provides the skills and tools necessary to help women get “unstuck” so they can experience transformation. Coaching benefits include achieving solutions to specific problems, improved relationships, identifying and developing strengths, learning how to remain focused on your goals despite interference, and increased self-esteem. Since coaching may involve discussing unpleasant aspects of your life or breaking old behavior patterns, potential risks include possibly experiencing uncomfortable feelings. The goals you desire to attain, nonetheless, are honored and supported.

In this private VIP All Day Intensive you will receive:

  • 100% undivided attention in a beautiful space, designed to be your personal sanctuary
  • Personalized Inventory of your unique strengths
  • Pre VIP Day activity to focus your goals
  • Full day (9-5) private session
  • Refreshing lunch, snacks, and reflective and engaging breaks
  • Session notes, templates for growth, resources, and folder for your follow-up convenience

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