What Language Does Love Speak?

Pump! Pump! Pump! went the pedals on my bike. The crisp air whooshed across my legs and I felt the thrill of pre-Spring riding. The day was just warm enough for the luxury of an outdoor ride filled with fresh scents and active weekend athletes. As my momentum began to build I noticed a familiar sight approaching down the road on the horizon; my husband’s white truck. The second my brain processed who it was I also heard a happy and rhythmic “honk honk— honk honk honk”! It’s as if we were on the same wave length. That happens a lot for us, but I never take it for granted.

We are a 2.0 couple.

It’s our second time at love. The hurt and disruption from our first go-around taught us many lessons. Staying connected is one of them. Supporting each other’s passions is another. We cultivate mutual interests and usually he’s right there with me on the bikes. This happens for us because we are intentional.

Actually, we are hyper-intentional.

We create time, even dates, in our schedule weekly. We learned the best and funniest ways to have serious conversations. We trust each other’s input. I’m terrible at foreign languages and almost anything mechanical, but that’s where he comes through for me. He’s deadline motivated and a ‘stacker’ when it comes to organizing, but that’s where I shine for him. We know (for the most part) our strengths and weaknesses and we invite each other into those deep places of fear, need, and dreams. It is amazing.

We love on purpose.

Learning how you give and receive love is as powerful as a top-secret plan to ‘save the world’. It’s incredible and life-changing. Through the process you go from a clumsy and destructive wrecking ball to a highly-skilled, world renown surgeon. Really. It can eliminate completely or at least significantly reduce the confusion, frustration and pain of miscommunicating, over and over and over. It can produce tremendous bonding when you know someone chose to go out of their way to connect with you, in the way that’s best for you. Yesindeedy, being loved by choice changes you from the inside out!!

Loving yourself first opens the door to increased love in all relationships.

In my practice as a Life Coach, I work exclusively with women regarding intrapersonal wellness. The way we see, accept and value ourselves affects everything we do in life. Although it may seem too vague or overwhelming, there are so many very do-able habits to develop that will flip the switch in your communication and relationships. It’s my joy and honor to share some of those with you, here. I also host mastermind sessions, speak to groups, lead retreats and of course, coach one-on-one.

Contact your neighborhood resource for all things about becoming the best you; the TRUE you!

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