Why Don’t We Know What We Want, What We Really, Really Want? (Part 2)

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Yes, your body tells you if you’re hungry, cold or sleepy. It might register fear, anger or even happiness, but that all happens by default, by our divine design. To open the door to understanding more requires intentionality. That is where we hit a bump in the road. 

We don’t know what we really, really want because…

  • We’re too busy to pause and recognize our feelings.
  • We subconsciously think we don’t ‘deserve’ to have our wants and needs met.
  • We don’t know how to identify what’s going on at our core level.

I wish I knew the perfect way to motivate people to take this step. In Part I, we talked about the benefits of being assertive. Those rewards are waiting for us like a dangling carrot. Unfortunately, as human beings, we are usually motivated more by pain than pleasure. So, let’s look at the hurt you are causing by not taking this step, by NOT being assertive.

What does a lack of assertiveness bring to your life?

  • For every relationship that feels stagnant, uncomfortable or volatile, there is something you have NOT recognized. If you want that pain to stop, you have to face that it is happening.
  • For every business opportunity that still lingers beyond your reach, there is a missing mindset or skill set you need to acquire. Acknowledging this truth (without shame) will transform your course in life.
  • For every unfilled (or lost) desire you have to make a difference in the world, there is a hindrance to knowing your purpose and how you can contribute and serve. Owning this truth, though painful during the process, will open doors to finally sharing your gifts with the world and being FREE to be yourself.

When you decide that knowing what you really, really want will better your own life, plus the lives of those you care about most, you will take ACTION!

To learn the real-life steps to make it happen, look for Part III.  

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