Women in Transition: Reclaim, Restore & Redesign

So, you’re alone, and its scary and sad. This was not the “happily ever after” image you imagined. Not only are your dreams crushed, your identity is at a crossroads, as well. You often ask, “But… who am I now?” And, if rebuilding your life was not daunting enough, you may also be overcoming negative or even destructive words and behavior.

Women in transition need to know they are not alone.

The task of reclaiming your life, does not have to be a journey you do by yourself. Getting an outside, objective perspective is crucial. A trained eye can help you understand the adjustment you’re going through, plus help you see your own strengths and value.

Establishing your identity, based on Truth, is the source of your new self-image.

Your value may have gotten confused or lost in the chaos of your past. Although re-defining it is a delicate task, its worth all the work necessary to let your true self rise and shine. There are treasures inside of you waiting to be discovered.

Gaining an awareness of what you’ve gone through will give you the power to recover.

Let’s face it, there are many situations that happen around us and to us that seem out of our hands. We wake up one morning completely puzzled by how things got so bad, almost over night. This is especially true if you’ve been in an abusive relationship. Narcissistic people use so many tricks to manipulate and control, overtly or passively, until you don’t believe yourself any more. When you don’t trust your own gut, and quit trying to stand up for yourself, then you’ve lost your voice. At that point it’s easy to be swayed and over run. Although those are traumatic cycles, the good news is: They Can Be Broken and Re-Routed, so you can be Re-Created in a way that sustains and fulfills you.

Recovery and restoration are completely viable options for you.

Through one-on-one, and group sessions, the healing process realigns your mindset and self-awareness. The lies are released, and replaced with truth. New skills are learned for self-care, boundary setting, and communication in relationships. As a Life Coach who has “been there and done that” myself, I know first-hand how real the struggle is. Following a major life interruption there are ripple effects with every area: family, friends, jobs, personal hobbies, church and community connections. It becomes a rising-from-the-ashes story. But it will be your new story of hope, peace, confidence and finally being free to be yourself.

Let’s do this together. You have a whole lot of living yet to do. I’d be honored to be your guide as you reclaim your life, including your thoughts, feelings, needs and dreams. The best you is the true you, and you’re on the threshold of a beautiful tomorrow.

Contact Mary Whitman Ortiz, MA, CLC to begin your personal search and recovery mission. We have multiple resources: One to One Private Sessions, Empowered Living Mastermind Groups, SOAR Meet-Up Groups, Virtual Sessions,  Collaborative Artistic Sessions, Inside-Out Makeovers, All-Day Intensives, and Luxury Retreats. We will find just the right way to connect and facilitate the journey to being the TRUE you.

To get started go to: http://www.trueyouliving.com/discovery-session/


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