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women’s coaching

‘Relationship Confidence to be Authentically You’

Are there things on your heart (about how you see yourself) that are totally not where you want them to be? Don’t go into panic mode! Even if you’ve never been able to really stand up for yourself and the choices you want for your future, there’s so many ideas for making a difference. 

Help is on the way. Keep smiling.

In working with me, not only will you have a plan to give voice to your thoughts and feelings, you’ll know what to do every day to enjoy your emotions and have a healthy and strong mindset, so you feel fully alive.

In the “Relationship Confidence to be Authentically You” program you’ll have the flexibility to focus on the exact self-value topics you want, today. God has a design for your hope, healing, and happiness. Let's find it. Here's the flow for our sessions:

  • Create a self-awareness practice to check-in with your heart daily.

  • Embrace wholeness in your God-given identity as His daughter.

  • Develop an assertiveness plan for how you want to show up in life. 

    Find your voice and heal your heart so you can be fully present in your relationship! This includes:

  • 4-week program (to build each layer and process gradually with purpose)

  • 4 1-hour sessions

  • Materials, activities, assignments and resources each week

  •  Unlimited email access (for ASAP support in-between sessions) 

  • $497 (Payment Plans are available)

  •  Programs can be extended for subsequent 4 week sessions

 ‘Healing Your Heart for True Intimacy’ intensive

Has your heart and identity been crushed because of unhealthy intimacy? Have you felt overwhelmed due to sexual wounding (betrayal from spousal pornography usage, shut down from past abuse trauma, struggles in intimacy due to distance and distorted views)? Have no fear. Even if you felt isolated and unable to get the help you wanted in the past, a new hope is here to restore you.

Breathe in deeply. Peace and clarity is on the way.

In working with me, you will know exactly what to do in your everyday life to keep your heart (thoughts and feelings) whole and without fear, so you can choose love that is meaningful for you, right where you are.

In the “Healing Your Heart for True Intimacy” intensive program you’ll focus candidly on sexual intimacy topics to address the hurt, frustration, anger, and confusion that comes from these highly personal issues. We will seek God’s restoration by considering:

  • Practice healthy ways to honor your story.

  • Recognize and release the harmful lies you believed.

  • See your identity in Christ’s overflowing love.

  • Incorporate a vision of healthy intimacy.

    ‘healing your heart for true intimacy INTENSIVE' FOR IN-DEPTH FOCUS AND SPEEDY ATTENTION NOW, OFFERS: 


  • 30-min pre-call (Where do you want to go?)

  • 1 4 1/2-hour coaching session (online)

  • 2 30-min follow-up coaching calls (within 30 days of first session)

  • Assignments after each session

  • Unlimited email support for confusing moments that need a redirect (within 30 days of first session)

  • $997 (Payment Plans are available.)


  • All of the above features, PLUS a fabulous meal, refreshments and special spa-like touches, in a peaceful and restorative setting

  • $1397 (Payment Plans are available.)

  • Travel and accommodations are on your own.

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