Mary Whitman-Ortiz is a skillful coach who can partner with you on your path to self-acceptance, increased self-awareness and relational bliss in True You Living.

If you are a woman who desires to be known and loved and wants a soul-satisfying relationship- then now is the time to see yourself with 100% acceptance from your heavenly Father. If you are a woman who has always hoped emotional closeness is possible for your relationships- then now is the time to collaborate with a masterful coach who can help you navigate the crazy and giggly season of life called ‘dating’.

What sets me apart from other coaches is my unique blend of compassion, sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to ask the right thought-provoking and action-producing questions. As a woman who fully embraces marriage, family and a meaningful vocation, with my own variety of ‘do-overs’, I know the huge expanse of a woman’s heart. My clients appreciate my down to earth openness and my highly skilled perspective. They walk away encouraged, enlightened and energized with the tools needed to live a fuller expression of their life.

All private clients begin with a highly personalized inventory to discover their self-awareness potential and goals for a meaningful marriage.

Signature Coaching & Training

All programs are complete with thought-provoking modules, challenging and supportive dialogue, and closed Facebook group interaction as a Bonus!

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Private Programs

  • Private VIP All Day Intensive
  • Private Individual Sessions
  • Private Inner Healing Prayer Ministry

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Group Programs

  • Group Growth Coaching
  • Group Signature Talk
  • Private and Group Divorce Recovery Sessions

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Spend a Day with Mary Whitman-Ortiz for transformative Dating & Relationship Coaching to reveal your self-awareness potential, develop relationship goals and boost your social and emotional language.

A VIP Day helps motivated women restore their whole identity, reclaim their value and worth, and refocus their dreams for relational bliss. By using Mary Whitman-Ortiz’s Intrapersonal Realignment System© women reframe their thinking, renew their dreams, and redirect their path. The lies, limited views, and doubts of others are released, so the true image of their self is accepted, affirmed, and approved.

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Complimentary Discovery Session

Does learning more about creating soul-satisfying relationships sound like an idea you want to pursue? Then request an application for a Complimentary Discovery Session. A private and confidential phone conversation will bring light to your self-awareness potential and the relational bliss you desire. At that time we can get to know each other better to see if coaching together is a good fit. Discovery Sessions are on a limited time basis and reserved only for women who are committed to investing the time, energy and money into their personal growth and relationship development.

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